Begtrup vig, 11/10 – 2013

An afternoon trip wadefishing with Thomas and Ove i Begtrup vig. It was cloudy and around 12 degrees Celsius so the conditions were good for chasing some searun brown trouts. Despite our efforts we did not get any good sized fish. I got 4 pollacks and two trout but only small fish.

2013-10-11 15.52.01



Lilleåen, 6/10 – 2013

michael showed me parts of Lilleåen and gave instructions on his way of fishing for searun brown trout with dry flies. The expectiations were low as the sun was shining, it is a bit late in the season and the stream was quite low.

2013-10-06 13.53.00

We did see some searun browns but they were very hard not to scare so we only got some small rainbows and some brown trout on our foam flies. I will for sure come back and try another time when conditions are better. But a nice stream and a couple of times I saw kingfishers and to me that is allways a good thing.

Randers Fjord, 5/10-2013

Pikefishing with Henrik in the innner part of Randers Fjord. It was a morning trip and the weather was clouded and some wind from West and the water was rising. This should be good conditions for pike fishing. We both fished with flash flies and they did the job.


Today we did not catch any big pikes, this was about the average size and I think the biggest was app. 6-7 lbs.


Preparing the next move

We landed 15 pikes and lost some and had  many hits on the fly so all i all a good morning on the water  despite  the lack og big fish.