More searun brown trout



It is not only in Denmark that the season has started for saltwater flyfishing for searun brown trout. Here an norwegean friend of mine displays  his fresh catch while I am treated for a bad shoulder and not allowed to flyfish 😦


Bad shoulder :-(

I have now for 1½ month been unable to cast a fly due to a bad shoulder. I tried a couple of weeks ago for a short while and had to pay badly for this. After 3 visits at various doctors and a MR-scan I now Turesday should be treated. I hope that this treatment will help as we are now in the prime season for seatrout here in Denmark. Below I will list some of the fish my fellow members of Bombayfly have caught the last couple of weeks.


Simon known as “Goggen” got this nice 60 cm trout.


Peder “Don Puch” got this beauty


Here in another perspective


Henrik #the fishing machine” got this nice trout.


Jan “the bum”got a 8 pounder


Rene “pot hair# got this amazing almost 19 pund sea trout in shallow Water in Randers Fjord. It was not a fly rod but a fantastic catch.

Now you may see why I cry myself to sleep every night over my shoulder problem.

Århusbugten 1/3 2014

For the first time in almost two months I hit the Water. January more or less was frozen and in early February I tore a muscle in the shoulder and that made it impossible to flyfish. Despite some pains I wanted to give it a go and went to the inner part of the Århus bay one afternoon with Henning. My shoulder did not Work properly and that worries me a lot now at the start of the season and with trips to Sweden and Cape Cod in the future.


2014-03-01 16.04.49

The first hour nothing happened but after a beer break when wading back into the Water I spotted a movement in one foot Deep Water and made a short cast not even with the shooting head outside the top guide and I hooked this nice but small trout.

2014-03-01 16.08.29

Henning casted immediately and also hooked a small trout. Actually he got 3 trouts but none big enough to keep. Soon after we stopped as a mist came and made us feel very cold. Nice to be at the Water Again, not nice to have shoulder problems and I continue where I stopped last year with fish on every trip but only small fish.