Århusbugten 1/3 2014

For the first time in almost two months I hit the Water. January more or less was frozen and in early February I tore a muscle in the shoulder and that made it impossible to flyfish. Despite some pains I wanted to give it a go and went to the inner part of the Århus bay one afternoon with Henning. My shoulder did not Work properly and that worries me a lot now at the start of the season and with trips to Sweden and Cape Cod in the future.


2014-03-01 16.04.49

The first hour nothing happened but after a beer break when wading back into the Water I spotted a movement in one foot Deep Water and made a short cast not even with the shooting head outside the top guide and I hooked this nice but small trout.

2014-03-01 16.08.29

Henning casted immediately and also hooked a small trout. Actually he got 3 trouts but none big enough to keep. Soon after we stopped as a mist came and made us feel very cold. Nice to be at the Water Again, not nice to have shoulder problems and I continue where I stopped last year with fish on every trip but only small fish.


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