Fløjstrup 25/5 – 2014

a very early morning trip wadefishing with Carsten at Fløjstrup.

2014-05-25 05.09.39

The sunrise was beautiful and the sea was totally calm, not the best condition to catch fish but if the are at the surface you will see them.


2014-05-25 05.42.42

I got a cod but not a memorable size


2014-05-25 06.02.20

and a pollack that was not much bigger.

Nice weather and nice Company but lack of fish of decent size, we did not even see any good sized fish.



Trelde Næs, 22/5 – 2014

A late evening trip to Trelde Næs with Simon. It was very warm so we started out with a beer. It is a very nice spot with many porpoises. The wind was a bit tricky for me but we managee and when it became dark we saw fish at the surface but it turned out to be small pollacks. Good fighting fish fo their size but the size was  too small. I got a handful of these and we did not see or feel any trouts.

2014-05-22 23.50.38

Simon got two garfish, neither of them were hooked properly but that could not remove the smile from his face

Whip fly fishing: danish sea trout movie

The guys from Whip Fly Fishing have made a short movie on fly fishing for searun brown trout in Denmark. I have to say that is very well made and I can warmly recommend it. Watch it here

Udbyhøj, 6/5 – 2014

An evening trip wadefishing the South side of Udbyhøj in the falling water. Quite windy and I was all alone on the spot. I had one short hook-up with a trout and then  I got three 15 cm trouts and some garfish fiddling with my fly. I in the end got the first garfish this year on a Ove Monrad shrimp pattern. It was a personal best on the left hand as this was my first garfish on left hand casting.

2014-05-06 18.58.20