Moesgaard 29/9 – 2014

Michael called and we took a short trip wadefishing at Moesgaard. I haven´t fished here for a while but as both Michael and I have caught some big fish here we will always come back now and then despite that it can be crowded.

2014-09-29 17.54.27

We started out at 17.30 and Michael hooked a fish in his second or third cast

2014-09-29 17.55.11

It was a 45 cm sea trout in nice form

2014-09-29 18.10.38

15 minutes later he repeated the stunt and got another one a little bit smaller


2014-09-29 18.48.35

Later we fished together and Michael saw a fish at the surface and just after I hooked a fish. It turned out to be a pollack that was released. Normally we only get really small pollacks in the 15-25 cm range but this was app. 40 cm. If we can catch them when they have added another 10 cm they will be good fun on light tackle and also good for eating.

In the end I also got a trout but too small but all in all a fine trip with some action. We met some other fishermen but they have had no luck so we should no complain.



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