Rügen, 20-21/2 – 2015

I joined the Bombay Guys on a trip to Rügen as I due to my shoulder surgery a month ago was quite hungry for some fishing. We should fish for pike in pontoon boats or from small boats. I joined the Group that flyfished from pontoon boats.

We fished in a bay with shallow Water and the first day was very windy so we really had to put a lot of energy into the fins just to stay still. The pikes was near the bottom and we all got fish (around 10 pikes each) but the size was not impressive.

2015-02-20 13.43.40Here Leif is ready to land a pike


2015-02-20 13.44.26

Leif presenting a small pike


2015-02-20 14.03.33This was the best pike I saw on the trip a 90 cm fish that Nikolai caught


2015-02-20 18.32.23Nikolai had to pay the Price for fishing pike as he bleeded on of the days most of the day.

The next day it was calmer but the fishing was like to first day. We got each app. 10 fish but only smaller fish. It was nice to get some fresh air, some fish and many laughs so I was content with the trip.