Djursland 28/2 – 2015

Wade fishing with Frank from the coasts of Djursland that was the topic of the day. We started out in the morning in clouded weather and from the ice on the puddles we could see that the temperature had been below zero degrees during the night, and it was quite chilly today. After an hour I had a nice take but it did not last long but after the fish had unhooked itself it showed at the surface and I could see an OK fish in good condition. Beside this I nor Frank did not see or feel anything.

We tried another spot and Frank showed me a stretch of coast that looked fantastic today with the optimum amount of transparency and waves and lots of rocks and weed with spots of sand.  The Wind came from SW and that suited my left hand casting very well. Here I really believed it would be possible to catch a fish. After 1½ hour I had not felt anything and we took a lunch break. After the break I wanted to try the stretch Again but this time my hands were so Cold that I almost could not hold the rod during the casting. Actually I was about to stop when a good fish took the fly and it was easy to land on the Beach with the waves helping in the end.

2015-02-28 16.26.51

It was a very nice  2 kg trout and that made my day and we stopped immediately after and now I am looking forward to sushi with my japanese friend.




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