Udbyhøj 29/3- 2015

Pontoon boat fishing with Jeppe and Allan at Udbyhøj. The weather was with a lot of variations so sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Today I had more luck than last week and I had the first fish within minutes after I started.

2015-03-29 10.41.52

It was a well conditioned 47 cm trout filled with small fish and a sand eel. The other fish I kept was filled with shrimps.

We did not see any fish but we had many contacts and before lunch I had 6 fish all the way in.

2015-03-29 14.33.39After lunch Allan got this nice 49 cm fish and we all got fish. I think we caught 18 fish  and as I got 10 I did not complaint. Half of the fish were legal size and I kept two for the pot so a nice day especially thinking of no fishing for the coming week as I will be on Holiday in Malta.





Bredningen 22/3 – 2015

A trip to Randers with the Bombay Guys after pike a week before the protection period starts. It was cold in the morning – actually the puddles of water were frozen when we started out in the morning. Not much happened when we started but after a couple of hours some of the guys found a spot where fish would take the flies.

2015-03-22 12.05.33

The pikes were not that big, here Jesper presents a typically pike of the morning.


2015-03-22 12.13.54

Michael later got a better fish – he was smoking hot today – at least according to himself 🙂


2015-03-22 14.12.47

After lunch Carsten had his first fish and it turned out to be the fish of the day.


2015-03-22 14.14.41

A very well conditioned female that soon will spawn – this was a new personal best for Carsten so he was very content.

I managed to loose the only fish that grabbed my fly so not much to brag about today for me.




Mols 14/3 – 2015

An afternoon trip in the pontoon boat at Mols Hoved. The Wind came from North East and that resulted in a very unpredictable Wind behind the Cliffs. This was a day with many trouts following the fly and sometimes hitting the fly but only a few that actually was hooked.


2015-03-14 14.07.44

I got three trouts all app. the minimum size and all released. The were other fly-fisher and they also got fish some of them big enough to take home but no big fish


2015-03-14 15.29.44

The best fish this day was caught by Anders. He saw activity at the surface 6-7 meters from the Beach while having a break and grabbed this opportunity to get this app. 2 kg fish plus a smaller one hidden behind the big one.