Udbyhøj 26/4 – 2015

An early morning trip with Peter, 2 x Henrik, Lars and Brian all in pontoon boats. In the outgoing current and light Wind we tried several spots but without a lot of luck. We did catch fish but only smaller ones.


2015-04-26 11.47.50

It was not until the Water started to rise that Henrik got some good action. First he got a nice app. 52 cm trout and then this one took the fly.


2015-04-26 11.48.02

and after a secure landing..



2015-04-26 11.48.45

Henrik can present two very nice fish the second a bit larger than the first one.

I got 10 trouts and two garfish today but only smaller fish. Lars only got one trout but that was a good so he was content.




Udbyhøj 24/4 – 2015

Fishing alone in pontoon boat at Udbyhøj. Actually not quite alone as there is a big competition in the area so I could see 8 other fishermen when I started out. It rained when I started but that soon stopped and then it was dry with some sun and not much wind and an outgoing current.

I quickly got the first trout that was a bit below legal size and the I had fish that hit the fly but were not hooked.

2015-04-24 17.10.42

I soon discovered why. It was the first garfish of the year and a decent one. Like everything else this day it was released.

2015-04-24 17.56.13

I also got this trout that was big enough to keep though not by much but in was extremely well conditioned or almost fat. It literally jumped into to boat after a series of jumps.

I ended up with 8 trouts and a garfish. Half of the trouts were legal size but it was all smaller fish. An entertaining day at the fjord.

Ystad 15-18/4 – 2015

The annual trip to the Southern part of Sweden fishing for searun Brown trout from pontoon boats. This year 2 x Henrik, Lars and Jan came along.

150416_skillinge_lars_fiskThe first and second day were very windy and it was hard work to hold the boats with the fins. I managed to catch nothing as the only one. The Winter has been mild as we normally catch many kelts but this day and it proved to be the rule we got more blank fish but also smaller fish. Lars got this nice fish that was released as it had been spawning this Winter but it was in nice condition anyway.


2015-04-17 13.33.15

The third day was calm and sunny  and the water as very clear and without any small waves to blure things a bit, I did not like the conditions. I did manage to get a couple of fish. Here a nice fish that just lacked ½ inch to be legal.


2015-04-17 13.33.25It was caught on a pattern known as Brakvandsrejen (the brackish Water shrimp) made by Henrik. This pattern was probably the most efficient pattern on this trip.


2015-04-17 12.41.00

Jan got in the end of the day a fish that was big enough to keep.



2015-04-18 15.08.16 The last day was spent at Kåseberga along the hills of Hammar. Here we saw cranes on the move and the archetypical bird of Skåne – the kite.


2015-04-18 16.52.00This day everyone got fish and Lars and Jan each got one around the 2 kg mark –  both very nice fish.





Movie: flyfishing for searun Brown trout

Frank and Peter from Bombay Fly have made a small movie about flyfishing for searun Brown trout i Mariager Fjord. They show some fishing and tell about the gear and its in English so take a look.

just click on:  Video