Udbyhøj 24/4 – 2015

Fishing alone in pontoon boat at Udbyhøj. Actually not quite alone as there is a big competition in the area so I could see 8 other fishermen when I started out. It rained when I started but that soon stopped and then it was dry with some sun and not much wind and an outgoing current.

I quickly got the first trout that was a bit below legal size and the I had fish that hit the fly but were not hooked.

2015-04-24 17.10.42

I soon discovered why. It was the first garfish of the year and a decent one. Like everything else this day it was released.

2015-04-24 17.56.13

I also got this trout that was big enough to keep though not by much but in was extremely well conditioned or almost fat. It literally jumped into to boat after a series of jumps.

I ended up with 8 trouts and a garfish. Half of the trouts were legal size but it was all smaller fish. An entertaining day at the fjord.