Bølling Sø 1/5 – 2015

The opening day of the new pike season was spent on Bølling Sø in the pontoon boat. I was alone but did not lack Company as first met Henrik and Kasper and later Klaus and Steen whom I all have fished with before. Soon after I started I got three pikes but all small ones and then I had a long period without any action at all. Then I met Steen and Klaus and got another one and the we met just to chat about the fishing. While we chatted Klaus had his flash fly in the Water Next to his pontoon and after five minutes his rod suddenly bended. A pike had taken the fly while it was motionless in the Water.

2015-05-01 12.25.09

So it was easy just roll in the line a the fight could begin

2015-05-01 12.25.51The only waves were from the pike


2015-05-01 12.26.47and finally Klaus can present a nice app. 8 lb. pike that was the biggest pike of the day.


2015-05-01 13.36.45

I got ten pikes and a perch. A 13 inch perch that grabbed my 8 inch flash fly. All the pikes and the perch were released and the only bigger fish I had today got tangled in som branches from a tree which there are a lot of in this lake.



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