Djursland 8/5 – 2015

A trip with the Bombayfly guys to Djursland. I started out earlier than the rest and I wanted to fish from the pontoon boat as the Wind would come from North West and I had to cast with my left arm. I started early and soon I saw garfish at the surface.

2015-05-10 08.20.28

I also soon got the first garfish


2015-05-10 08.24.00

Later I had a pollack that jumped out of the water when I lifted the fly out of the Water. I did take the fly immediately after. It was small but good fun.

After the pollack I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder so I thought that I would stop but I tried with my bad right arm and if I casted without ambitions it was OK, actually better than expected so maybe I can come back to my normal casting arm Again.


2015-05-10 08.43.41

I also got this nice searun Brown trout (52-53 cm) that showed off with many nice jumps.

2015-05-10 08.44.01It really nailed that fly – a sort of tan shrimp pattern.


2015-05-10 11.33.22Later I got one two more trouts and I kept one more. It is nice when you can return with a catch like this. So a good day with seals, porpoises and three trouts, 3 garfish and a pollack – that must qualify as a Djursland grand slam 😉



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