Uggerby å, 18/7 – 2015

The day after joining a concert in Northern Jutland I sepnt the afternoon fishing with Palle in Uggerby å. We were not that prepared and I only had my #4 dry fly rod and the weather was very windy and sunny so conditions were not that good and we kwew next to nothing about the stream.


2015-07-18 13.13.02

It is popular to fish with big dry flies for sea run Brown trout so I decided to try that except I did not have the often used foam flies. I tried instead with a caddis pattern but my hopes were not that high as we had the day before been canoing Down the stream and seen absolute no flies and no surface activity. But out of the blue came this small trout and grabbed my fly so a bit of succes. was bagged.


2015-07-18 15.29.01 (3)

Later we tried another part of the stream and I cog two more trouts with this 30 cm fish as the best. I know they catch some very good sea run Browns here so I may come back another time better prepared.







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