Mariager Fjord, 26/9 – 2015

A trip alone wadefishing from the North side of the fjord. I fished for 2 hours and did not see or feel anything so I started to believe it was a bad day. Then I met two Guys and they told about some action and while I talked to one them (Christian) he caught two nice fish and we saw several in the Water.


Christian presenting his second fish while we talked. Christian was very kind and gave me one of his favorite fly for Mariager – a “kobberbasse” and it proved very efficient as I got 6 trout later with half of them above the required minimum size. They were all released as I was not in a killing mode today 😉


Bredningen, 17/9 – 2015

After last weeks trip I found out that I should fish more as it was good fun so I met with Henrik for a trip around noon fishing in the pontoon boats for pike. It was quite windy despite the weather forecast and we started out quite slow. Henrik had some pikes that attacked his fly but they did not  get hooked. I fished with a surface fly that looked really good but it did not produce anything. After Henriks third pike attack I changed my fly and when I picked it up from the Water after the first cast a good-sized pike attacked but it was not hooked.


But this new fly in White and red brought more luck and I got a couple of pikes before lunch. It was fish in the 5-6 Pounds range so not big fish but not small fish.


Before lunch I also got this nice perch. Actually I think it is a personal best on the fly as it was more than 2 Pounds (1,050 kg).

After lunch Henrik finally got some pikes as well and I also had one more but the perch made my day.


Mariager Fly Cup 12/9 – 2015

After a month without fishing due to bad excuses I fished from early morning to noon on the South bank of Mariager Fjord. Bombayfly held the annual Fly Cup and with 176 contestants we can say that this is the biggest fly only contest in Denmark. As member of the arrangement committee I was naturally very pleased and to me it looked like the participants agreed. We were lucky that the weather was very good as it was quite warm and a bit windy and mostly clouded so all day was fishable. Despite the number of people I fished more or less alone all the time.


2015-09-12 07.54.44

I had many contacts and caught 14 trouts but not in a size that gave any hope for a Price among the 10 largest so everything was released.


2015-09-12 12.45.55

Around noon Michael and Morten from Bombay fished their way to me. After some chatting Michael went into the water and soon after he was into a nice fish.


2015-09-12 12.47.44

He landed a very nice 1,5 kg very well conditioned trout that earned him a 7th place in the competition.


2015-09-12 13.42.27One of the prices that was in the Draw, was this stripping basket decorated by Simon – the house artist of Bombayfly.


2015-09-12 16.15.14

Here the fished just before the weighting ended. The top five were all above 2 kg and the Winner was Torben “Pip” Kondrup with a 2,9 kg fish. The fishing this year was much better than last year and I think that everyone got fish  but there were many small fish that was released.


2015-09-12 17.29.46The parade of the Winners – the top 10 largest fish.