Randers Fjord, 3/10 – 2015

A day in the pontoon boats with Klaus and 2 x Henrik. The intention was to drift with the incoming tide from Udbyhøj and then drift back with the outgoing current. As the incoming current never really picked up we had to use fins, oars and motor to get to Stenrevet where we had our lunch.

The weather started cloudy and then turned sunny with little or no Wind so the conditions were nice but not the best for the fishing. And today was a day with many soft contacts but not a lot of fish hooked. Most of the fish we got were quite small.

2015-10-03 11.55.09

When I approached Henrik near Stenrevet he got a good hook-up and had to fight for a while…


2015-10-03 11.58.44untill he could present this nice trout at app. ½ meter.


2015-10-03 16.38.43

just before we stopped I got a good fish in shallow Water. It was a 55 cm fish that will end its days as sushi material 🙂





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