Udbyhøj 23/4 – 2016

I wanted to try Udbyhøj Again as this is  one of my favourite spots. The nature is beautiful here and the current changes constantly so new situations and opportunities open. This day I went into the fjord as Wind and current both pushed from East at the start.

2016-04-23 14.05.31

after 1½ hour without any contact at all I found a small reef where I got this 40 cm trout. It was released and then I got a garfish and another smaller trout and then a really good fish grabbed the fly.


2016-04-23 16.40.06

It was this 2,5 kg trout in perfect condition…


2016-04-23 14.21.07

..almost. I think a seal had bitten off most of the tail and that explained why it did not jump and why I did the rainbow grip on the first photo. I later also got a 48 cm trout that was in OK condition so it was released as I the leftovers from the seal 🙂


Udbyhøj 22/4 – 2016


A pontoon boat trip to Udbyhøj where I focus on “Gammeldybet” that often is very productive this time of the year. Today Grejbiksens fishing competition started at noon, so 15 minutes before noon fishermen came from all sides.

2016-04-22 11.35.45I got the first garfish of the year and as it was hooked in the rear end I for a second thought that it was a good sized trout.

2016-04-22 11.06.23

Today I got 6 trouts. Five were small blank fish and then one bigger kelt so everything was released.


2016-04-22 13.05.53

I met Finn and he got this nice 45 cm trout to keep while we fished together.

Udbyhøj 8/4 – 2106

An afternoon trip in the pontoon boat. I went alone but I met Henrik so we fished together for a couple of hours.


After a couple of smaller fish I was into a larger fish


2016-04-08 16.50.34

It was a fish close to 60 cm but as you can see it needed to eat some more so it was released.


2016-04-08 16.52.44

Henrik also had plenty of action


This will be really nice in a month or two so it was also released.

I got 6-7 trouts and I think Henrik had more. Henrik got one nice fish fit enough and big enough to keep but all in all a very windy day but a lot of action and for the first time this year I saw several fish jumping.


Ystad 29/3 – 2/4 – 2016

This year we were 11 fly fishermen that went to the coast around Ystad to fish for searun Brown trout from pontoon boats. This year we rented a summer cottage near Kåsaberga which is nicely centered for the spots we normally visit.

2016-03-29 09.22.26The first day Claus was hooked up very soon and I thought it was a good sign for trip but it turned out to be a small cod and that is quite a rare catch.



Henrik also got a rare catch when he landed this rainbow trout.

I had a VERY slow start as did not feel any fish the first couple of days. I was driving with Per and he started quite well as he got 3 trouts the first day but as they were kelts they were all released again.


2016-04-01 10.26.21Then I got a break when I fished the very shallow waters close to a rocky coastline. It was a very nice 60 cm trout.


2016-04-01 10.26.49

The fly was a no-name pattern, a small dark grey palmer hackle fly that could imitate the small gammarus we saw in the shallow water. That day it proved succesful as I later got two more fish on this fly.


2016-04-01 16.25.50

It is nice to get two fine fish in one day so a big smile.


2016-03-31 15.57.45

As always in these areas we saw many kites and some cranes heading north for the summer. This year we also saw osprey and a sea eagle and the last day at Kåseberga we saw more than 10.000 eiders towards their summer resident further North.

The fishing was not as good as normally. We mostly got blank fish but too small and only a few kelts. Leif made a 3 minute video that nicely sums up the trip. Be sure to Watch it in HD.