Udbyhøj 23/4 – 2016

I wanted to try Udbyhøj Again as this is  one of my favourite spots. The nature is beautiful here and the current changes constantly so new situations and opportunities open. This day I went into the fjord as Wind and current both pushed from East at the start.

2016-04-23 14.05.31

after 1½ hour without any contact at all I found a small reef where I got this 40 cm trout. It was released and then I got a garfish and another smaller trout and then a really good fish grabbed the fly.


2016-04-23 16.40.06

It was this 2,5 kg trout in perfect condition…


2016-04-23 14.21.07

..almost. I think a seal had bitten off most of the tail and that explained why it did not jump and why I did the rainbow grip on the first photo. I later also got a 48 cm trout that was in OK condition so it was released as I the leftovers from the seal 🙂


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  1. Rigtig fin fisk tillykke med fisken

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