Beautiful snook


Herb Ladenheim, striper from Cape Cod


Lasse Elmgren with nice winter pike


Lasse Elmgren with a beautiful coloured pike


Lars Matthiessen 4,2 kg searun brown trout

Lars Matthiessen 36 inch striper from Cape Cod

Dick with a 36 inch striper from Cape Cod

Striper Cape Cod

Scott sent this photo of a striper he got a few days ago, just to wet our appetite for the trip to Cape Cod next friday.

Michael Hedensted with a +60 cm sea trout from Fyn

Søren Nielsen with nice perch from Randers

Simon with a 6 pound sea trout

Fishing pink salmon on west coast of Canada

Ted Brookman fishing pink salmon on west coast of Canada

Scott Gabriel, big striper

Scott Gabriel, striper

Guusje, Brown trout

Guusje's Groote vis (2)

Simon Andersen – Sea trout release

Simon3Michael releasing a sea trout

Simon Andersen – Glomma


Michael flyfishing for greyling in Glomma

Simon Andersen – Kysing Næs


Michael battling with a sea trout at Kysing Næs

Lars Matthiessen Brown trout 1,33 kg