Triathlon support tool

Lars Ronning a Linekurv user found good alternative use for his Linekurv when he was support for a friend participating in the Norseman Ironman triathlon in Norway. You need a lot of energy to complete this task and it seems like there was room for a lot of energy in the basket. By the way Lars completed the same task some years ago so he is able to more than just carry the calories.


Christmas basket


A non fishing friend of mine returned a Linekurv used for oyster collection to me like this around Christmas. You can not have too many friends like that 🙂

Children elevation device


Thomas needed something to lift his daughter up to the table and the came in handy.

Trash can

2013-02-22 01.40.55


On a windy boat trip in Los Roques Gunnar uses the stripping basket to protect his hearring aids and glasses from the water entering the boat.

2013-02-26 19.33.07

floating device when swimming

If you when fishing in the tropics need to cross a channel too deep to wade then you may use your stripping basket as a floating device to keep your gear dry.

Oysters and mussels collecting

Lasse Elmgren has sent these photos on how make a slow fishing day productive. He collected a basket full of mussels and oysters in his stripping basket and made a foundation for a gourmet meal.

Lasse Elmgren 27

Lasse Elmgren 29

Berry picking


Inge Rasmussen from Norway has found his stripping basket very useful when picking berries in the high mountains – a favourite leisure time activity in the late summer in Norway.

As a fly line washer

 On longer fishing trips in salt water it is often recommended to wash the fly line in fresh water now and then to maintain the shooting ability. A stripping basket may come in very handy in these circumstances.


As a wind shield

On my summer trip to the most northern part of Sweden one day the cook had problems with the wind when smoking some of the freshly caught grayling. Without my knowledge the stripping basket was in use as a wind shield on later it served this purpose several times.

As a kitchen table

Once in the most northern part af Sweden we wanted sashimi (slices of raw fish served with soya and wasabi – sushi without rice) so I needed to fillet a brown trout. As we went there by helicopter we were on strict limitations regarding weight, so we did not bring any table. The was turned upside down and I could fillet the trout. It was not the best table in the world but it was the best available. By the way everybody loved the sashimi 🙂

As a chair

When you need a rest the will serve as a low chair so you avoid getting sand or pebbles on your expensive waders.

Stripping basket as a wading stick

Though I have been using a stripping basket or a line tray for many years and regard myself as quite an experienced stripping basket user I can still learn new tricks and ways to use this device. What I will describe I learned from Steen Ulnits a danish sports fishing journalist. Steen has written countless of articles and several books and has a very nice website  allthough only in danish. Now Steen shall not have all the credit for this trick and I am sure he will not claim this as he learned the trick from an irish guide when fishing in Ireland for sea bass at a rocky coast.

The trick is to use the stripping basket as a sort of wading stick. You hold the stripping basket in one hand (here the built in handle comes in very handy – sorry) and due the buoyancy when put on the surface you can maintain your balance when you are about to loose it. I have tried this myself and it has worked extremely well both in streams and in saltwater situations. Naturally the stripping basket can not replace a wading stick in all situations but it may save you the hassle of carrying a wading stick when it is only rarely needed and it may help you in the situations where you did not expect the need for a wading stick and therefore did not bring one. Of course the basket as a wading stick can not push or pull you up against a very heavy current, but the help you get is like holding someone in the hand when wading. You may be helped in the off balance situation so you can re-establish your balance before the small imbalances develop into big imbalances – read very wet disasters.

In the photo below the technique is illustrated