Christmas basket


A non fishing friend of mine returned a Linekurv used for oyster collection to me like this around Christmas. You can not have too many friends like that 🙂


Children elevation device


Thomas needed something to lift his daughter up to the table and the came in handy.

Trash can

2013-02-22 01.40.55


On a windy boat trip in Los Roques Gunnar uses the stripping basket to protect his hearring aids and glasses from the water entering the boat.

2013-02-26 19.33.07

floating device when swimming

If you when fishing in the tropics need to cross a channel too deep to wade then you may use your stripping basket as a floating device to keep your gear dry.

Oysters and mussels collecting

Lasse Elmgren has sent these photos on how make a slow fishing day productive. He collected a basket full of mussels and oysters in his stripping basket and made a foundation for a gourmet meal.

Lasse Elmgren 27

Lasse Elmgren 29

Berry picking


Inge Rasmussen from Norway has found his stripping basket very useful when picking berries in the high mountains – a favourite leisure time activity in the late summer in Norway.