Glenstrup sø, 22/9-2013

After the visit to the empty coast of Djursland yesterday I went for something different as I with Allan and Michael went to Glenstrup sø flyfishing for pike from our pontoon boats and bellyboats.

Today it was cloudy and quite windy. As a matter of fact the wind became stronger and stronger during the day  and in the end it was very hard work just to keep the boat in place. I started with a flash fly and soon I saw a perch following the fly. Later I had one pike that refused in the last second. I then followed Allan and Michael into the shallow water and there we had plenty of action. We had many fish that followed the fly or tried to grab the fly. My breakthrough was when Allan gave me a big white and red fiber fly. It was tied in something called hollow tie style (or at least I think so) that made the fly swing randomly  from side to side when retrieving. It looked very good and it worked very well. I still had many fish that was not hooked but in the shallow water it was a very visual and exciting experience.


2013-09-22 11.28.16

After a few smaller fish Allan got this nice fish around 32 inches.


2013-09-22 11.46.41

Soon after he was into another nice fish


2013-09-22 11.49.34

it was about the same size, also a nice fish

As you may see all the pikes were caught near the bank in shallow water and due to the wind it would have been easier to wade with a stripping basket and I am sure today it would have been more efficient.


2013-09-22 12 31 56 (2)

The I hooked a big fish and I really enjoyed that both Allan and I saw the take


2013-09-22 12 35 06 (2)

To land it I had to go to the bank


2013-09-22 12 36 43 (2)

A pike at 40 inches with very nice colours and wide and deep


2013-09-22 13.05.29

At the same time Michael landed this fish, which was his best of the day.


2013-09-22 13 54 39 (2)

Later I got another fish at around 34 inches


2013-09-22 14.03.56


2013-09-22 14.05.11

Allan ended with his best fish of the day which was 36 inches.

Finally we had caught allmost 20 pikes and had many more takes and many of the fish were of very nice size so I think that we all agreed that this a fine day with lots of action but also some frustration. Despite the Danish animal ethical commitee has just announced that it wants to ban C&R, we released all the fish and we are quite confident that the fish prefer to be back in the lake than to be in the botton of our freezer.

Kysing Næs 20/9-08

Friday 19´th of september.

A late afternoon trip to Kysing Næs in the pontoon boat. I had barely started fishing over the reef with a heavy northern current before I caught a sea trout below the minimum size and only 15 minutes later I got a nice 5 pound-er. Then more fishers arrived. They fished from the shore and from boats. To my knowledge they did not have any luck and I am pretty sure that my luck was to be the first on the spot. Later I met Michael fishing from a belly boat. We did see a few trout jumping but we had no contact. We saw a seal og 3 porpoises only 10 meters away from the pontoon boat – always a nice experience.

Stripping basket on a pontoon boat

I have owned a pontoon boat for many years but until recently I only used it in lakes as I bought it for pursuing brown trout and white fish with dry fly. This fishing is almost always in situations with no or almost no wind and I have naturally used the ”table” of stretched mesh built into the front part of the pontoon boat. With no wind and only casting shorter distances this worked fine for me.

Last year I started to use the pontoon boat in saltwater when fly fishing for sea trout. I knew that in the end it would ruin my pontoon boat as the frame is a steel construction – and less than a year later the rust has popped up in many places – too bad but now I love using my pontoon boat at sea so much, that I will go on and next time I need to buy a pontoon boat it will be with an aluminum frame. Fishing in saltwater for sea trout introduced new problems as this often takes place in windy situations. The ”mesh tables” was not very good any longer as I used much longer casts and therefore had much more shooting line to control and the wind often blew the shooting line into the water and this really tangled my line or reduced the casting distance. The solution was very simple as I just placed my beloved stripping basket on the side af the pontoon boat – it was easy to strap it on and it works perfectly despite it is not in level. Furthermore it is nice to bring the stripping basket in this way as it is very easy to dismount and use it if I hit a spot best fished on foot.

In the photo below my pontoon boat with the basket is shown. You may read more and see more photos here.



In a belly boat you have the same problems as in the pontoon boat and a friend of mine, Michael, is a keen belly boat fisher, and he always uses a stripping basket when fly fishing in the belly boat.