Enebærodde 22-24/5 – 2015

Fishing with 11 of the Bombay Guys at Enebærodde for a couple of days. The majority brought pontoon boats but several were wadefishing. We are here seven km from public roads but this is a spectacular place so we saw quite a lot of fishermen that had biked all the way out to the old light house where we stay.   2015-05-22 14.07.11The first afternoon I went for the outer coast and that was a good choice. I started out with this – probably the smallest trout I have ever caught in saltwater.   2015-05-22 14.52.44Later this afternoon I got six trout above the legal size. It was not big fish but nice fish with a couple at the 45 cm marks as the best.   2015-05-22 16.03.02 This time of the year it is hard not to get any garfish and I also got a couple.   2015-05-23 09.18.39 The next day the Wind picked up and we all had to fish on the inside of the peninsula. Here e small break with a lineup of pontoon boats.   2015-05-23 21.52.12 In the evening the Wind speed lowered and I went back to the outer coast and after the sun set the fishing started to improve.   2015-05-23 22.30.14I got this 53 cm trout but the photos were very shaky so they did not do justice for this very nice fish. I think that we as a group got around 25 trouts above the legal size and 3 above 50 cm so not terrific fishing but OK and then we had a lot of laughs and beer so a very enjoyable trip to a beautiful spot.