Los Roques february 2012

As the temperatures in Denmark was well below the freezing point (actually down to -20 degrees below) it was nice to go back to Los Roques once again with warm weather, sun and plenty of fast swimming fish.

The Danish Los Roques team was Rene, Ib, Eigil, Niels, Niels and myself. Christian and Berit that lived in a posada a few blocks away from the Plaza was also present but not at the moment of this photo. Eigil and Niels travelled by themselves but were at LR in the same period as the rest.

We stayed at posada Doña Magalys which is in the budget end but we were very satisfied with the hospitality and the food. Magalys is apparently a big fan of Hugo Chavez – why I don´t know.

Lorenzo is the name of the posadas pet parrot which was very fond of Rene.

Our primary target fish was the bonefish which can be caught blindfishing with minnow patterns in deeper waters or sight fished on the flats. I definitely prefer the sight fishing despite that it often not is a productive, but it is better fun.

When unhooking a bonefish it often makes the fish much calmer if you put it upside down.

Rene with a nice bonefish. The average size on Los Roques is quite good app. 4 lbs. This year I did not catch any big ones but even fish in the 4 -6 lbs. range can produce spectacular runs when hooked. Actually all kinds of fish down here are much stronger and faster than what we are used to back home.

We fished some days on our own and other days with guides. With our first guide Jesus we had several double hookups on the flats but every time one of us lost a fish during the fight. This was the first time we succeeded landing two fish at a time but from the boat. We did it later again with our other guide Alet.

One day fishing with Alet we fished for fish hunting at the surface. This is always very intense and I really like the action of this fishing. We kept the fish so we could have it for lunch as Alet promised to cook it. As you can see we got to lobsters not by fishing but by exchanging some of our fish.

Here Alet prepares our lobster and fish lunch on some Venezuelan design furniture including both chair and table in one.

A bonefish in its right element just before landing. It was hooked at this depth as well so one of my favourite hookups on the trip.

We caught also other species than bonefish – here a snapper

And a carite – a spanish mackerel. You need luck or a wire leader to land this fish and a plier to unhook it. They have incredible sharp teeth.

a small tuna

a blue runner

a pompano looks like a permit but never grows big. An austrian flyfisher got a 14 kg permit one of the days, a very impressive fish.

Eigil with a false albacore

Rene with a yellow tail snapper

A lady fish. Also called poor mans tarpon. They jump like tarpon but don´t grow big. I caught 3 ladyfish in 3 casts and then Rene tried for 20 20 minutes without any luck – I could not get my arms down 😉

Rene he caught a tarpon on the main island. That is really an achievement as we almost did not see any and even when you see many it can be very hard to catch one. Rene fished most af the time with a head cam and he got all of his tarpon fight on video. I hope and expect that I later can put some of his video on the blog.


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Mariager Fjord 15/6 2010

An evening trip with Michael to Mariager Fjord. This time we tried another spot in the Fjord and as we were wadefishing we took the easy way out having the wind in the back. The weather was fantastic – sunny and almost no wind. The fjord presented itself at its best. When the sun start to set things start to happen. We met a fellow Bombay fly guy “Kagemund” who was lure fishing, and he caught and lost some fish.  Michael also lost one fish at close range.

Soon after Kagemund left Michael got this 50 cm trout.

Around sunset several fish showed and some of them at quite shallow water and it was really intense and exciting. I got a nice 52 cm 1750 grams trout and later Michael finished with a trout just above the minimum size. We brought home the two largest fish and as they were evenly distributed we were both very satisfied with the evening.

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Stripping basket in the art


Painting by the danish artist Peter Carlsen.  It is  called “Villy is hooked up”

Gudenåen, 8/11-2009

After a long time – actually too long time – with work and vacation, I finally got away for a fishing trip. Lasse and I planned to drift down Gudenåen while fly fishing for pikes. The weather was fine for this time of the year but this was a new part of the river and I was a bit reluctant about our chances as the current was quite strong. Such strong current is normally not the best choice for pikes. We had to take a lunch break untill something happened. Lasse got a pike that even if it was app. 6 pounds really pulled very hard. Later I caught a pike of similar size but then we had also gone into calmer water.




Then we arrived at a very calm part of the river and here we soon caught a few more pikes, but they were quite small. One of the pontoon on my boat was leaking and at this point I looked  like a boat refugee that would not make it, so in the end even if the river looked very good we stopped fishing and Lasse towed me to our final destination


Position of the stripping basket

Most fly fishers prefer to position the stripping basket on the front but some find it more convenient to position the basket to side of the line hand. Here the rule is: do as you feel comfortable with. It depends on your double haul, your way of stripping the line etc. Here is shown a side position.

As a kitchen table

Once in the most northern part af Sweden we wanted sashimi (slices of raw fish served with soya and wasabi – sushi without rice) so I needed to fillet a brown trout. As we went there by helicopter we were on strict limitations regarding weight, so we did not bring any table. The linekurv.dk was turned upside down and I could fillet the trout. It was not the best table in the world but it was the best available. By the way everybody loved the sashimi 🙂

As a chair

When you need a rest the Linekurv.dk will serve as a low chair so you avoid getting sand or pebbles on your expensive waders.

Randers Fjord 22/9-08

saturday 20´th of september

A trip with Henrik and Lasse in pontoon boats for sea trout. We started in Udbyhoej with the ingoing current and came back 6 hours later. The first couple of hours I missed a couple of nice fish, but things started to happen after lunch. Many trouts gripped the fly but most were too small. I did in very shallow water get a nice 5 pounder (second day – I am good (read lucky)) and Lasse also got a similar sized fish. My trout was coloured so I released so I did not get any photo. Later I got a two pounder plus app. 15 trouts that were too small.

A nice two pound trout


Lasse with a 57 cm seatrout

Kysing Næs 20/9-08

Friday 19´th of september.

A late afternoon trip to Kysing Næs in the pontoon boat. I had barely started fishing over the reef with a heavy northern current before I caught a sea trout below the minimum size and only 15 minutes later I got a nice 5 pound-er. Then more fishers arrived. They fished from the shore and from boats. To my knowledge they did not have any luck and I am pretty sure that my luck was to be the first on the spot. Later I met Michael fishing from a belly boat. We did see a few trout jumping but we had no contact. We saw a seal og 3 porpoises only 10 meters away from the pontoon boat – always a nice experience.