Description of my stripping basket


  • Cones in the bottom are the best way to minimize problems with the shooting line. Here the number and the placement are optimized.
  • In a large stripping basket, the shooting line is easy to place and with more room for the flyline, less problems occur. This is naturally most important when you have a lot of flyline in the basket, i.e., when you are making long casts.
  • Low weight and the curved back improves the comfort.



  • No protruding edges on the inside or outside can catch the flyline.


  • Built in handle to facilitate transport.
  • Quality buckle mounted on a 50 mm wide belt ensures comfort and makes it easy to release the belt.
  • Belt holes with “anti-twist” and tight tolerances prevent twisting of the belt and minimize unintended water leakage.
  • The stripping basket is made from a special polypropylene for minimum weight, maximum strength at low and high temperatures and resistance to UV radiation.



  • Built in rod holder.
  • Discrete colour.
  • To order

Stripping basket in the art


Painting by the danish artist Peter Carlsen.  It is  called “Villy is hooked up”

Correct line management

This is the most important tip on how to avoid tangling of the line when using a stripping basket . I have seen many stripping basket users that were not aware of this tip and probably some that skipped the basket due to problems introduced by not knowing this. This little trick is also helpful for any other kind of line keeping device so be attentive.

When you have finished the cast, you start to retrieve the line as normally, but the first yard or so of line you place outside the stripping basket or whatever line keeping device you are using. The rest of the line you retrieve and place in your basket or whatever you are using. Now when you start the casting movement for the next cast, you can move the rod hand freely without pulling in the line lying at the bottom of the basket. In this way the line leaves the basket in the opposite order of how it entered the basket and you will avoid most tangling. If you on the other hand start by pulling in the line placed lowest in the basket, you will for sure turn the pile of line and introduce tangling.

In this little movie you can see the tip. The movie start with a bit of bonefish juggling so be a little patient.