Mariager Fjord 21/4 – 2019

A pontoon trip to the middle part of Mariager Fjord with Henrik, Carsten and Finn. The weather was sunny and warm but a light breeze disturbed the surface and that was probably in our favor as the light was very bright.

The first hour not much happened despite the water and the bottom looked very promising this well-known place that I have never fished before.

Carsten got his first ever pontoon boat sea run brown trout though it was not more than 12 cm but it took the fly properly.



Finn first got the first garfish of the year and after lunch he got this nive and well fed trout close to 50 cm.


Later I was lucky and got a 1,8 kg trout that also was very well build, so my wife was happy as I 4 hours later could serve a very fresh fish for dinner.


Mariager Fly Cup 12/9 – 2015

After a month without fishing due to bad excuses I fished from early morning to noon on the South bank of Mariager Fjord. Bombayfly held the annual Fly Cup and with 176 contestants we can say that this is the biggest fly only contest in Denmark. As member of the arrangement committee I was naturally very pleased and to me it looked like the participants agreed. We were lucky that the weather was very good as it was quite warm and a bit windy and mostly clouded so all day was fishable. Despite the number of people I fished more or less alone all the time.


2015-09-12 07.54.44

I had many contacts and caught 14 trouts but not in a size that gave any hope for a Price among the 10 largest so everything was released.


2015-09-12 12.45.55

Around noon Michael and Morten from Bombay fished their way to me. After some chatting Michael went into the water and soon after he was into a nice fish.


2015-09-12 12.47.44

He landed a very nice 1,5 kg very well conditioned trout that earned him a 7th place in the competition.


2015-09-12 13.42.27One of the prices that was in the Draw, was this stripping basket decorated by Simon – the house artist of Bombayfly.


2015-09-12 16.15.14

Here the fished just before the weighting ended. The top five were all above 2 kg and the Winner was Torben “Pip” Kondrup with a 2,9 kg fish. The fishing this year was much better than last year and I think that everyone got fish  but there were many small fish that was released.


2015-09-12 17.29.46The parade of the Winners – the top 10 largest fish.





Mariager Fjord 14/10 2011

Due to a bad casting arm I had not been out for some time, but when Michael asked if I would join him on an afternoon trip and the weather was beautiful I did not hesitate. My casting was still severely hampered but I could fish though my arm tiered quickly and I had to rest it on a regular basis. We went to Mariager and we had a nice afternoon. Often you see many fish in Mariager but this day it took quite some time to see fish but that is OK if you catch them.

Michael started with a small blank trout and that was his destiny of the day as he ended up with five trouts but all were too small.

After 30 minutes I got this 50 cm trout, It was well conditioned but coloured so it was released like all the fish today. Apparently we were not in the killing mode.


After a break I spotted some activity a new place,  moved there and after three casts I got this +50 cm trout that gave a very good fight before its release. I could only be pleased with three nice trouts on a sunny, cold afternoon despite my casting problems.

Just before the sun set there was no wind and you can see why Mariager Fjord is called the mots beautiful fjord in Denmark

Mariager Fjord 18/6 2010

An evening trip with Thomas and Jan to yet another spot in Mariager. We arrived a bit late so less than half an hour after we started Jan got a very nice 50 cm trout. He was very pleased as it was a beautiful trout and it had been some since he last succeeded with the trout in the salt water. We fished most of the time more or less into the wind, but as it produced fish it was just an extra challenge and not an annoyance.

Later Thomas got a 45  cm trout and I jumped one.  In the end I saved a bit of reputation by getting a minimum sized fish which was released. We saw several fish jumping but did not have more contact but once again a succesful trip. We have to do it again soon.