Hald sø, 24/7 – 2014

An evening trip with Frank at Hald lake. It was my first trip to this lake which is quite big and surrounded with trees and no housing so it is really beautiful. It was extremely hot so the sand beach of the lake was very crowded and many people were bathing outside the beach. We fished not that far away from the Beach and we started on one of Franks hotspots for pike. But almost immediately perch were following our big flash streamers so we soon switched to lighter tackle and some smaller flatwing flies. We did catch a lot of perch, I will guess 20-30 perches each but most were small. We did get a few that were big enough to take home for some perch ceviche.

2014-07-24 21.00.32

There was no wind and we could see the perch at the surface all the time. Next time I would like to try a popper, that could be good fun though the biggest perch were caught near the bottom.