Listerlandet 16/10 – 19/10 2014






3 days of pike fishing from pontoon boats in the brackish water of the Baltic sea in Sweden with 10 fellow fly fishermen. The weather forecast was acceptable but as usual it was worse than predicted.


2014-10-16 13.45.08

The first day some of us fished in Pukaviken and we did catch a decent number of fish but they were quite small. I got 11 pikes but the largest was app. 4 Pounds so not much to brag about. The flash flies in darker colours seemed to be the way to go on this trip


2014-10-16 15.04.58

Erland fished from a Scadden boat were the seat was exchanged to a moulded seat with much better comfort as this is a weak point in this construction.



Erland this day got this very nice pike – 108 cm. It was by a good margin the best fish of the trip. The lip piercing we could have done without on the photo.

The second day it rained all day. I fished with Søren and only got 2 fish each and lost a couple as well but we ended early to make a nice dinner and have some beer and rum.



The last day it was not raining but still quite windy so at times we had to work hard. Here Thomas is fighting a pike in the waves.



and presenting it before release.

The last day started really slow for me but later I found some spots with pikes that seemed to pile up in spots. I got 17 pikes and the last one was a good-sized fish in the 9 – 10 Pound range so I was content. Everyone got fish in good numbers but we missed more bigger fish and could do without the rain.



Tange sø 3/1 – 2014

We started in the morning drifting down the Gudenå river. We were 7 pontoon boats so it was a bit crowded at times. But except from the start and around the breaks when everyone got together we were spread out so it was not a big problem.


2014-01-04 11.33.27

In the river part we only got seven pikes. Here Søren presents one from his red Scadden boat.

2014-01-04 12.03.52

At the lunch break Søren used the stripping basket as a table when he heated his instant noodles.

2014-01-04 12.48.56

After the lunch break we came to the delta where the river turns into lake. Many pontoon boats but we still got fish here.


The pikes this day were big in numbers but not in size. We got app. 60 pikes but the biggest were app. 6 Pounds. For me the best fish were from the river but as I got 12 pikes plus some I lost during the fight I had plenty of action and it was a nice way to start the new year.

Gudenaaen, 6/1 2013

A pontoon boat drift trip for pikes. I thought we were going to be 3 persons but it turned out that we were 7. It was not that big a problem as we nicely spread out and when we arrive on the lake there is plenty of room. Normally the fishing is best in the lake or in the estuary but today I had more luck in the river.

2013-01-06 13.54.11

The pontoon boats well-distributed on the lake.

2013-01-06 14.17.50

Here Jan is landing one of the better pikes of the day.

2013-01-06 14.18.05

and presenting it. It is typical for this time of the year that the pikes have many leeches.

We did not catch any big pikes today I think it was up to 8 pounds. I got a handful but mine were all just in the 3-5 pound range.

Rügen, 6-8/12 2012

For the first time I fished in Germany and it was a winter pontoonboat trip with the Bombay guys to the island Rügen in the Baltic Sea for pikes. I drove with Thomas from Århus and with the weather forecast in mind we both agreed that it is better to go to the tropics in the winter time than to Germany. Around Rügen there are many coves and bays with quite shallow water so it looks like the perfect place til flyfish for pikes.


The weather forecast was on the spot as they predicted low temperatures and snow, and that we got.


the first day it took quite a while untill we hit some action. Jeppe found a small bay where he had several hits on the fly and I joined him. Within an hour we caught more than 10 fish and had contact to approximately the same number of fish. The pikes were all in the 3 -5 pound range so no big ones but good fun. At the same time another group had good fishing in a nearby bay so it seemed as  it was the time of day that produced the fish. As you can see that pikes were very nicely coloured and everything was released.


Here Lasse is casting and this photo pretty much sum up the fishing of this trip. It was very cold and snowed a lot. Jeppe measured the water temperature to 0,5 degrees Celsius so no wonder that we only fished for 4-5 hours a day.

Would I di it again? Yes for sure but preferably under better weather conditions. I have to say we had lots of laughs both during the fishing and in our B&B where Wolf was very helpful with everything. I got 10 pikes during the 3 days so we could probably have done just as good in one of our local waters but it is always good fun to go on a trip with other fly fish loonies and to try out new waters. But now I am really thinking of going fishing somewhere much warmer.

Bredningen 10/11 2012

A pontoon boat trip fly fishing for pike. I was on my own and that usually means that I do not fish many hours and so it was today as well. I had some action but today I was not lucky or good enough to hook the pikes that grabbed the fly. I lost the majority af the fish  but when you release them anyway it is not that important though you always think that the ones that got away were the largest.

Today I got a handful of pike in my hand and lost more than that. All the pikes were small and the highlight of the day was when I came within 15 feet to an otter – I felt that I could touch it with my fly rod.

This was the average size so not much to brag about.

Bredningen 3/11 2012

With a nice weather forecast it was time to try the pikes in Bredningen with the Bombay guys Henrik and Jeppe and two of Jeppes friends.

we started out 9 Am and fished until 2 PM. The sun was shining and without rain it was quite nice despite the low temperature both in the water and in the air. I caught 6  pikes and that was more or less the average catch today. everyone got fish but no one got into the big ones. I think the largest today was around 6 pound but that is also a nice fish. everything was released and I was lucky that all my fish  could be released just by holding the hook and twist it – so fish were harmed and I could keep my hands dry.

Jepper with a pike, they did not come much bigger today.

Bredningen 7/10 2012

A morning trip in pontoon boats with Jan and Caspar fly fishing for pike. It was a bit cold and quite windy but we had heard about good fishing the day before so we were eager to give it a shot. The first couple of hours not much happened, We all got one small pike and some rain. Then we took a break and after the break the wind really picked up. Jan decided to head back while Caspar and I fished on. I was lucky to hit the spot and within 10 minutes I got 4 pikes. 3 pikes in 3 casts means a sort of hat trick.

Due to the wind I only got this bad photo. The pikes were not big except for the first one they were all around 4 -5 pounds.

It then got so windy that we decided to go back and that was a struggle, so today we do not need to go to the gym.

Tange Sø 26/5 2012

We ( Caspar, Henrik and Jan ) started early in the morning on a drift trip to Tange Sø.

Henrik hooked the first pike almost before we had started so the expectations were high.

We did catch fish. Here is Caspar with a typical pike of the day. We did not get any big ones but as the weather was like hot summer it was a nice day. I better correct myself, when I write “we” I mean they did catch fish – as I had five pikes that grabbed the fly but I did not land a single one. So not my day but still a good day.

Bredningen, 17/5-2011

An pontoon boat trip for pikes starting late afternoon with Henrik. It was VERY windy so you needed to work hard just to hold your position with the boat. Furthermore the water was very muddy so no visibility – not the optimum conditions for pike fishing.

I had what I expected to be a very good-sized pike on the fly but it turned out to be a bream that was hooked in the dorsal fin. But a 6 pound bream hooked like that can put up a good fight. You may be able to see the spawning warts in the photo.

Later I got this pike and this one is missing the upper part of the tail and had some wounds on the side as well – it can be a hassle to reproduce.

We ended in the channels where the wind did not get to us as much where we both landed a pike, so we both got two pikes and got a lot of fresh air in a short while.

Tange sø, 14/5-2011

A trip to Tange sø in the small boat of Bjerringbro sportfishing club with Jeppe. Jeppe is the son of my colleague and has fished many times in Gudenåen but without luck so I promised to bring him on a pike trip to Tange sø as he had never caught a pike before. we started in the upper part of the lake where I last time saw a couple of fishermen catch a lot of pikes. It was much shallower than I had expected so it was a bit difficult to avoid getting stuck many times. Many fish showed at the surface but I think it was breams getting ready to spawn. I had one fish to hit my fly twice but I did not succeed in getting it to stick on the fly.

Later we went even further up the lake and here I got a nice fish around the 9 pound mark.

As the main purpose was that Jeppe got a pike and is the wind increased in power I grabbed the oars to put Jeppe in a good position as the wind pushed us to the bank all the time. After a while Jeppe had something and it turned out to be something that really could drag line from his reel.

He was quite cool and let the fish drag line when needed so we successfully landed the pike and it was a proud Jeppe that could present his first pike ever – congratulation to him. The pike was then released and we hope that he will catch it again when it has grown even bigger

Gudenå, 20/3-2011

A drift trip for pikes with Henrik, Claus and Steen.

We started at Kgs. Bro and it looked like a a sale displayfor Dave Scadden boats – 3 different models in 3 different colours.

I got 10 pikes this day and lost at least a handful. I did not get any big ones but there were plenty of action. This one was the first after lunch break and almost all the pikes were caught after the break. In the morning it was quite cold but after lunch the sun broke through and it was nice weather

Henrik also got 10 pikes but he got as you can see this is a nice fat female ready to spawn soon. This is in the 15 lbs range

Gudenåen 23/1-2011

A lot of work, a wrecked car and very low temperatures and ice have kept me from fishing in more than 3 months. According to my wife this has never happened before.  But today on a sunny day with temperatures just above zero degrees I went with Søren and Henrik on a drift trip down the lower part of Gudenåen for pikes.  I must be a bit rusty as I forgot my stripping basket and that really was annoying as I many times had my force fins tangled in the line. There was a lot of talking but also a lot of fishing but unfortunately not very productive fishing.

Suddenly Søren yelled that had a salmon or sea trout and that was not a lie.

But as you can see this fish had seen better days. It was a dead trout around 7 pounds.

A bit later I was lucky to hook a fish that actually was alive.

It was a very fat and nicely coloured pike around the 15 pound mark, so this was a very welcomed start on a new season. In app. 2 weeks time I will leave for Los Roques to get some sun, warmth and hopefully some nice bonefish.

Gudenå, 26/9-2010

The first drift trip down Gudenåen for pikes this fall. Henrik, Michael, Jan and Steen joined the trip and Michael and Jan were rookies. We started later than normal around 9.30 but I am confident that this does not matter this time of the year. The first half of the trip in the stream did not produce much and before lunch break I only had contact with this little fellow.

Lunch break and time to tell stories

Shortly after lunch Steen got this pike which was one of the bigger this day and even if it is a nice pike I don´t think I offend him by saying that today we did not catch any of the big ones.  The action was not hot at any time except for when Henrik crossed the lake and then got 6 pikes in 20 casts. At the end of the day despite the slow action we had  caught app. 25 pikes. I got five and for the first time in 10 years I took one home for eating. It was a 6 pounder and it was turned into fish cakes the same day so talk about fresh fish 🙂

The fish cakes were very popular but I must admit the there are a LOT of bones in pikes, so they are not easy to fillet if you don´t want any bones.

Gudenaaen, 8/5-2010

Drifting with Caspar, Jonas and Jan down Gudenaaen for pikes. This was their first trip here, so they were quite excited and despite a bad weather forecast we had a very good trip. The wind was strong og came upstream so for the first time ever we had to use the fins actively just to move downstream. Things started  really slow but after 1½ hour Caspar got the first pike and then we had some good action before our lunch break. After the break both Caspar and Jonas found a good spot and hit some nice fish.

Caspar fighting one of his 10 pikes.

The tail shows sign of the hassles of the spawning

On the way back

Jonas with one of the bigger fish of the day.

After the trip we could count a total number of 23 pikes caught with the biggest around the 11 pound mark. The heaviest fish had not spawned yet but they were a minority.

Gudenåen, 21/3-2010

A drifting trip with Henrik, Lars and Jan from Kongensbro to Tange sø. It was quite windy but that did not matter untill we reached the lake where we had to work quite hard to move forward. Lars started with a very good pike at 8,3 kg corresponding to 18 pounds but unfortunately he was too much upstream for me to take a photo.

Later I got a nice 11 pounder which I was very pleased with even if I don´t look pleased.

I was even more satisfied when I hooked and landed an even better fish that really spinned the pontoon boat around. It was a pike on  app. 18 pound.

Here Jan is fighting a pike under supervision of Henrik.

When we had lunch break we all had caught fish and landed some very nice sized fish, and normally the fishing is better after lunch – probably not because of the time but due to place. But today we got fish after lunch but mostly smaller ones and not that many. At the end of the day we had caught 18 pikes all together and as I got 6 and my so for best pike on a fly I was very satisfied.

Gudenåen, 20/3-2010

The first trip in Denmark in 2010 was a drifting trip with Lars and Thomas. It was also my first trip with my new pontoon boat made by Lars, and I have to say that things seemed quite convincing, so I am full of hope for a future without flat pontoons.

Three Anderson pontoon boats – a sight never seen before 😉

Thomas caught the first pike, that grabbed the fly in an unusually way as it jumped out of the water and grabbed the fly as Thomas was trying to wriggle some weed of the fly with the fly in the air!

Thomas and I each got two pikes in the 4-5 pounds range and all the pikes had leeches, a common sight at some times of the year. The lang and cold winter had also been tough on the swans as I saw seven dead swans on the banks.

Gudenåen, 8/11-2009

After a long time – actually too long time – with work and vacation, I finally got away for a fishing trip. Lasse and I planned to drift down Gudenåen while fly fishing for pikes. The weather was fine for this time of the year but this was a new part of the river and I was a bit reluctant about our chances as the current was quite strong. Such strong current is normally not the best choice for pikes. We had to take a lunch break untill something happened. Lasse got a pike that even if it was app. 6 pounds really pulled very hard. Later I caught a pike of similar size but then we had also gone into calmer water.




Then we arrived at a very calm part of the river and here we soon caught a few more pikes, but they were quite small. One of the pontoon on my boat was leaking and at this point I looked  like a boat refugee that would not make it, so in the end even if the river looked very good we stopped fishing and Lasse towed me to our final destination


Bredningen Randers 4/6-09

A pontoon boat trip with Henrik fly fishing for pike. We started at high tide and soon we both had contact and got a pike. Then we had to wait a long time without any interest in our flies followed by a short period with activity and it continued like that most of the day. The weather also changed from no wind and sun to heavy rain to very heavy wind and hail – we tried everything. As usual Henrik got the biggest of the day – a pike in the 13 pounds range.



The largest pike of the day

Tange sø – Gudenåen 3/5-09

A pontoon boat trip with Henrik, Thomas and John.  We started very early in the morning at  4 AM looking for white fish taking mosquitos on Tange Sø, actually I started even earlier as I made a mistake and come one hour too early – very bad timing. For the first time ever there were almost no mosquitos and then there were no fish at the surface. So a beautiful sunrise at the lake but I never wet my line.


After breakfast we headed for Kongensbro to drift to Tange sø in our pontoon boats while fishing for pikes.  We started quite slow but after a break the pikes showed interest in our big flash flies. Thomas had many takes but had problems hooking the fish. This may be related to his choice of rod. He used a #4 TCR!


Thomas finally hooked a fish and the rod was in for some hard work.




Finally Thomas can present his first pike on a #4 rod, a pike in the 7 pounds range.


On the way back Thomas dragged the fly behind the boat and in this way he got two pikes. The last one was 18-20 pounds but we never got the final photo as the leader broke while handling the fish. In this trolling fishing we are convinced that the use of discs in front of the fly is is very important.


Henrik with a 17 pounds pike his best out of 7 pikes for the day.

Gudenåen 14/3-09

Drifting with the fly in pontoon boats from Kongensbro to Tange Sø with Henrik og Thomas. This is allways a great trip where you cover a lot of water and see many birds of different species. I started the day with a flash fly mounted with a propel (made by Morten Bundgaard) in front. Before the lunch break I got one small pike with this setup.


After lunch I changed to a heavier fly and changed the propel to a disc also made by Morten. With this setup I could fish a bit deeper even with my floating line. At a time we met two fellow fly fishers in a boat, and they really had found the right spot. They had been around the lake without any luck and was about the change to spinning gear when they started to hook pikes on the fly. And they seemed to be able to keep on hooking pikes in this spot. As one of the fishermen never had caught a pike on fly before, it was nice to see this new pike fly fisher being born.


In the end we – in the pontoonboats – caught 13 pikes, which is quite good but we did not connect with any of the bigger fish so we have do it over another time.  As usual Henrik got the majority and the biggest ( app. 9 lbs.) but as I got five, I will not complain.