The Bahamas, week 41 – 2015

A good week fly fishing at Grand Bahama with Søren and Henrik was what we aimed for. For Henrik and Søren it was a first time fishing in the tropics.


We did the trip as DIY and rented half of this house including this fishmobile and Volvo from 1978. It did well until the alternator broke down and then it was switched to a SUV. The house was very spacious and we all had our own rooms so nothing to complaint about there.


We drove around and from Google maps satellite Photos we could find beaches that looked promising. Some times it was hard to get to the Beach as many roads were private but all in all we did quite well. Some times the flats were not that big and could only be fished at certain tides but our worst enemy was the clouds. Approximately half of the time it was clouded and that really made the fishing hard.


The second day we got the first bones on a sandy flat.

IMGP5828Henrik presents his first ever bonefish, no Wonder he looks happy.

12140103_10207043129213409_8660077919678489847_oand the fish is happy when it is released



We got a lot af different species here a pompano


and before landing



and a blue runner


a porgy



Søren got this nice spanish mackerell that really puts up a good fight



A very yellow tailed snapper


IMGP5842One day I to my big surprise first got a blue parrot fish and later I lost in the second long run a triggerfish but I had forgotten my camera. Søren managed the last day to get a triggerfish though this was not a hard fighting fish but a new specie to mark for Søren.


P1050294We fished two days with guide and that opened opportunities at VERY large flats. The first day was not very succesful and we did not see many fish, but as you can see we did get some bones.

The guide had never before seen fly Fishers with a stripping basket but he was very impressed with the distances we could cast without much effort.

Once we fished to a school of bonefish surrounded by 4-5 sharks and on one of the flats a 8-9 feet tiger shark swimmed next to the boat. If you click on the link you can see a video of the tiger shark.

Tigershark video



We had several incidents with the sharks with an outcome that made it hard to release the fish



another fish that ended as shark food.


One day Henrik forgot his cap in the car but he found a construction worker helmet on the beach and he was back in business.



the second day with our guide William started very wet but luckily it became a good day with many schools of bonefish tailing and then it does not get any better.



From time to time we got smaller bonefish but we also got some very decent fish





A couple of times we had a double hook-up. Here Henrik and Søren are busy each with a bonefish.


Henrik presenting one of the good fish



The bonesfish were the star of the trip though we did see a few big permits and next time we will try to get a shark to take a fly. The people in the Bahamas were very nice and helpful in a way that exceeded our expectations so a very positive impression.