Ystad 29/3 – 2/4 – 2016

This year we were 11 fly fishermen that went to the coast around Ystad to fish for searun Brown trout from pontoon boats. This year we rented a summer cottage near Kåsaberga which is nicely centered for the spots we normally visit.

2016-03-29 09.22.26The first day Claus was hooked up very soon and I thought it was a good sign for trip but it turned out to be a small cod and that is quite a rare catch.



Henrik also got a rare catch when he landed this rainbow trout.

I had a VERY slow start as did not feel any fish the first couple of days. I was driving with Per and he started quite well as he got 3 trouts the first day but as they were kelts they were all released again.


2016-04-01 10.26.21Then I got a break when I fished the very shallow waters close to a rocky coastline. It was a very nice 60 cm trout.


2016-04-01 10.26.49

The fly was a no-name pattern, a small dark grey palmer hackle fly that could imitate the small gammarus we saw in the shallow water. That day it proved succesful as I later got two more fish on this fly.


2016-04-01 16.25.50

It is nice to get two fine fish in one day so a big smile.


2016-03-31 15.57.45

As always in these areas we saw many kites and some cranes heading north for the summer. This year we also saw osprey and a sea eagle and the last day at Kåseberga we saw more than 10.000 eiders towards their summer resident further North.

The fishing was not as good as normally. We mostly got blank fish but too small and only a few kelts. Leif made a 3 minute video that nicely sums up the trip. Be sure to Watch it in HD.



Ystad 15-18/4 – 2015

The annual trip to the Southern part of Sweden fishing for searun Brown trout from pontoon boats. This year 2 x Henrik, Lars and Jan came along.

150416_skillinge_lars_fiskThe first and second day were very windy and it was hard work to hold the boats with the fins. I managed to catch nothing as the only one. The Winter has been mild as we normally catch many kelts but this day and it proved to be the rule we got more blank fish but also smaller fish. Lars got this nice fish that was released as it had been spawning this Winter but it was in nice condition anyway.


2015-04-17 13.33.15

The third day was calm and sunny  and the water as very clear and without any small waves to blure things a bit, I did not like the conditions. I did manage to get a couple of fish. Here a nice fish that just lacked ½ inch to be legal.


2015-04-17 13.33.25It was caught on a pattern known as Brakvandsrejen (the brackish Water shrimp) made by Henrik. This pattern was probably the most efficient pattern on this trip.


2015-04-17 12.41.00

Jan got in the end of the day a fish that was big enough to keep.



2015-04-18 15.08.16 The last day was spent at Kåseberga along the hills of Hammar. Here we saw cranes on the move and the archetypical bird of Skåne – the kite.


2015-04-18 16.52.00This day everyone got fish and Lars and Jan each got one around the 2 kg mark –  both very nice fish.





Ystad, Eastern 2014

The annual trip til the south coast of Sweden fly fishing for searun brown trout from pontoon boats. This year we were six persons: Henrik L, Henrik V., Thomas, Lars A, Jan and myself.

2014-04-16 06.44.35One morning we did see two mooses, which is a quite rare sight this far south in Sweden. Beside this we also saw foxes, squirrel, deer and birds like kites and osprey.


2014-04-19 16.01.37On these trip we normally catch a majority af kelts but this year we got many good conditioned blank trouts but generally in smaller size than normal. But as you can see we also this year got some kelts. Here Jan presents one that needed another 3 lbs. The minimum size here is 50 cm or 20 inches and we had to release many of the blank fish as they were too small.


140417_thomas_rimteOne day Thomas got this ide. We have caught these on other trips but not a common sight. From my own experience I can tell that they are not big fighters.



One very windy day I got the fish that was in a surprisingly good condition – it was app. a 8 pounder – but after the landing it still had energy to jump so this is how the presentation photo came out. Everyone like this photo.


2014-04-19 13.05.16Here Henrik presents one of the nicest fish on the trip, it is  a 5 pounder in top form taking on his new pet pattern which is a shrimp pattern. Shrimp patterns proved productive on this trip. I fished with flies tied by Ove Monrad and they are very well tied and incredible durable. I have to take a course from Ove in how to improve the durability on my flies.


2014-04-19 13.22.32

Here a lineup of six pontoon boats during a break. A very unusal sight at these waters though I find fishing fly from pontoon boats by far the best way to flyfish here as the beaches are not easy to wade as there are many big and very slippery rocks and you are not that depending on the wind direction.


2014-04-20 07.01.21

The last day some of us fished at Kåseberge and here Henrik V. got this beatiful 6 pounder which came out as the top fish of the trip. Henrik had not got many fish until then so he was very pleased.


2014-04-20 14.22.31The stomach of the fish showed why it was in top condition. There were  large sand eels, many shrimps and smaller fish.



2014-04-20 11.16.06

The last day I ended with two nice fish and it at allways nice to look Down on your stripping basket filled this way after a morning of fishing.



Thomas on the last day got several blank fish like the one presented here and this sums up the trip in many ways.

I was very pleased with the trip as I got some fish and also nice ones but especially as I due to a shoulder enjury was forced to cast with my left hand and therfore had low expectations. After some days I actually casted resonably and I started to feel that I was fishing and not just struggling with the cast. So I was reborn as a fly fisher and my plans about cancelling trips later this year was cancelled. I really hope that my shoulder will come back to full functionability but in the meantime I can flyfish – or at least sort of flyfish 🙂


Skåna 17/4-20/4 2013

Like last year a trip with Henrik and Lars to the Southern part of Sweden fishing in pontoon boats for sea run brown trout in saltwater. I came a bit earlier than the other two so I could fish the first day. I drove directly to a spot near Svarte and the conditions looked really good. But then a Fellow fisherman – a Dane living in Sweden – stopped his car and we chatted for ½ hour and what he could tell was not promising. He had been fishing for four days without seeing or feeling anything and that was what everyone experienced at the moment. And no one could tell why the fishing was that bad. Despite this I fished some hours in the afternoon and again in the evening and I caught two trouts both nice blank fish app. 45 cm. As the minimum size here is 50 cm they were both released but I felt Lucky.


2013-04-19 17.41.04

The next day the wind had increased in strength. I too this photo but it looks much calmer than it was. You do not want to fish in a pontoon boat here. Due to the wind all fishermen were fishing the same part of the area and this made things quite crowded.  We went to Vik this day. The wind came in blows up to 16 m/s and then it is tough to hold the boat up against the wind and we had to work very hard. This day I got 4 small blank trouts while Lars got 2 smaller fish and Henrik got a big blank kelt.

The third day we had too much wind again and we found a new part near Kivik where we could hide for the wind. Here Henrik was quite annoying for some spin Fishers as he got 3 fish just outside their spot while they were on a break.

2013-04-19 12.05.02

Henrik is hooked up…


2013-04-19 12.05.38

and ready to land the fish…

2013-04-19 12.06.22

and can present the fish before release.


2013-04-19 12.19.34

This day I got an ide on more than 4 lbs. Not a big fighter but a personal best and something I did not expect.


2013-04-20 11.59.24

The last day the weather was like we had hoped for back home and the fishermen were spread over the different reefs. This day I lost 3 big kelts but as I also got two nice fish up to 50 cm I was content. Henrik also excelled in losing fish this day but also managed to get one fish in.



Here the largest of all Henriks fish – in top condition it would have been a fantastic fish.



Lars ended the last day with the best fish of the trip. A beautiful 4 lbs. fish in top condition.

To sum things up we were not lucky with the weather but we all got fish every day. Both Lars and I only got blank fish and that is unusual this time of the year while Henrik only got kelts. We landed almost 20 fish and we will come back next year hoping for even better fishing.


Österlen Sweden, april 2010

Four days fishing sea trout in salt water with the Bombay guys. Søren and I arrived one day ahead of the rest and started wade fishing at Hammar bakker in the morning. We did not see or feel anything untill on our walk back where we saw a nice trout jump 15 meters away. We casted many times but without any luck. In the afternoon we fished from pontoon boats at Skillinge and on our way out one spinning fisher landed two trouts on one of the reefs. Later he and his friends moved away from the reef so we gave it a shot and I got a nice hook up. immediately I was aware that this was quite a big fish but also that it was a kelp.

It turned out to be a 80 cm kelp.

Here another big fish from the next day. The kelps are very common this time of the season and they can be more or less blank. This year with a long and cold winter the trouts were more coloured than normal.

Next day Søren and I fished with 2 x Michael and we fished at Stenshuved. Stenshuved is a nice spot but very hard to wade as there are big rocks everywhere and they seems to be soaked in green soap. We had a blast fishing here with the pontoon boats and I caught two kelps (75 cm and 60 cm) and Michael got one as well. Naturally all kelps are released.

The third day we started at Baskemölla. Here we had wonderful weather and after one hour I spotted some fish at the surface between Michael and my self. Later Søren joined us and Søren got two while I got four trout, two of them where nice blank fish a bit more than 50 cm and the orther two were kelps at 60 and 80 cm.

The fourth day we went west of Ystad and tried different spots. I soon was hooked up twice which Søren spotted and then he joined me and we had a very good time as we got a lot of action in a few hours. Once we had a double hook up and that is not something we are used to. After  some time I said to Søren that it would be nice with a blank trout as everything had been kelps, and in the next cast I got a nice blank 55 cm trout – talk about luck.

55 cm sea trout – sashimi material.

Søren with a typical kelp.

Michael fishing on the edge. There are actually two white poles indicating the limits of allowed fishing. Michael is on the legal side.

After our lunch break with hot sausages from the Jet boiler Michael tried the hot spot where Søren and I had fished and he got four trouts and combined with Søren and my self that had caught nine each we were very satisfied.

The fifth day looked like this from our car so we decided to head for Denmark one day earlier than planned.

The last lunch started with a plate of sashimi which is always a pleasure. When we summed up the trip  most were quite content. I was very pleased as I got fish everyday and I got 16 in total with 3 nice blanks and as all 12 persons only got 4 blanks I was very lucky.