Vejle fjord+å 29/7 2013

A two-step plan with Simon started with an evening trip to the mouth of Vejle Fjord. I had never been there before but it looked really good with many big rocks and a heavy current. The tide was according to Simon extremely high so we fished primarily on a reef so we could have some room for our back cast. With the heavy wind we could make some very long casts and cover a lot of water.


2013-07-19 22.40.41

In the end of a long cast I got this well conditioned trout. Not the biggest but a nice fish which I will eat tonight with fresh vegetables from the garden.


2013-07-19 22.44.16

A bit later Simon was hooked up with a garfish. We also got a couple af smaller pollacks so plenty of action.

Then we went to Vejle Å where we after a nice break with cheese, sausage, beer, coffee and hot chocolate in the middle of the night went for the big sea run brown trout. I spend most of the time pulling my fly or my line out of the weed so my fishing was extremely inefficient. Simon har one trout that went after the fly but did not take it and that made his day or night as this was the most action he had in 10 night trips.