Knebel Vig, 25/3 2012

An afternoon trip with a bit of a hangover from my birthday yesterday. I fished with Rene and the weather was fantastic – lots of sun and almost no wind. This made it easy to spot the fish at the surface but it was not that easy to hook them. We ended up having landed 5 trouts with Rene catching most of them. All were too small and the only decent fish we hooked were long distance released 😉 Many other fishermen but only small fish – still it was a nice day.


Djursland 16/3 2012

An afternoon trip with Michael on Djursland. The weather was very nice with lots of sun. We started near Dragsmur where we fished for 2 hours without any luck except for a nice lunch packet with a Wheat beer. Than we decided to try in Begtrup vig where I have had some success earlier this year. In my first cast I got a sea-trout just above the minimum size. As my sister-in-law would come for dinner this fish was turned into a starter and my sea trout seasin had started.

Gudenåen, 11/3 2012

A pontoon trip with Claus, Caspar, Lars and Thomas. Quite windy but as long as we were in the stream that was not a problem but when we came to the lake people start to complaint. I thought it was a walk in the park compared to last trip.

I started out with this pike around 17-18 lbs and 1 meter and then the trip was succesfully for me.

Soon after Thomas lost a good-sized fish and then got this one. After this nothing happened for quite a while and that was typically for the day. Short periods of action and then a long time with nothing. In the end the first fish was the largest  but we got several nice fish today so despite we only got 16 pikes all together everyone caught fish and it was a good day.