Tange Sø 26/5 2012

We ( Caspar, Henrik and Jan ) started early in the morning on a drift trip to Tange Sø.

Henrik hooked the first pike almost before we had started so the expectations were high.

We did catch fish. Here is Caspar with a typical pike of the day. We did not get any big ones but as the weather was like hot summer it was a nice day. I better correct myself, when I write “we” I mean they did catch fish – as I had five pikes that grabbed the fly but I did not land a single one. So not my day but still a good day.


Striper Cape Cod

Scott sent this photo of a striper he got a few days ago, just to wet our appetite for the trip to Cape Cod next friday.

Mariager Fjord, 22/5 – 2012

An evening trip with Michael wadefishing in Mariager. Fantastic weather and beautiful surroundings so everything you hope for when leaving home. We saw and felt some garfish but did not manage to catch any. Michael caught two trouts  below the minimum size and I also go two with one nice fish.

The trout made a small splash behind me close to the bank and grabbed the fly only with the leader outside to tip guide.

Here presented with a nice background. It is a typical Mariager trout with many spots and in good condition. 20 inches and more than 3 lbs.

Udbyhøj, 13/5 2012

An evening trip wadefishing with Michael at Udbyhøj on the southern bank. It was very windy and quite cold. We caught quite a lot of VERY small trouts and a few just a bit too small trouts but no keepers. We had many contacts with garfish but only succeeded to land one each.

Russioan video + blog

From Yarik – a russian Linekurv user – I received a mail with links to his blog with some very nicely made videos and photos. I do not speak Russian but I can still enjoy a nice fishing video.

Here is an example of a video with some flyfishing for pike.

Tange sø 2/5 2012

Jan and I drifted from Kongensbro to Tange sø the second day in the new pike season. Others took the trip the day before and they had not experienced much in the stream but had reasonable fishing when the lake started. We have to admit that we had a slow start as well but after 1½ hour Jan hooked a fish and on my way to him for taking a photo I hooked one as well. We decided to fish this stretch one more time and this time I had a really good take but I lost the contact.

Not the largest of the day but the first.

We had contact to fish now and then but it was not one of the big days. I hooked 8-9 pikes but only landed four and the largest was around the 9 pound mark. The weather was fantastic with lots of sun, temporatures around 19 degrees and not much wind – who can ask for more