Hirtshals 27/6-2009

An overnight trip in pontoon boats with Henrik, Bjarne and Klaus at Hirtshals. As this is in the North sea, the weather conditions are crucial. We needed wind from east for several days and we got it. We were going for sea bass which to all of us is a first – some had caught sea bass before but only as a lucky punch while fishing for sea trout.


We started at noon and after a few hours Klaus got his first ever and the first on this trip – a fish just above the minimum size (38 cm).


After a pizza break we went for the evening fishing which is supposed to be the peak time. We did not see any sea bass hunting but despite many garfish interrupting we landed two bass. I got what turned out to be the largest bass on the trip a 47 cm fish.


We had a fantastic sunset and saw 3 sea trouts jump out of the water all very good sized but no one made any contact with them.


Bjarne landed this nice flounder which grabbed his minnow imitation!

In the mourning Henrik got two more basses – one around 40 cm and one too small. We also got some greater weevers at good sizes and more garfish. The trip was a succes as we got what we came for and some more, but we would like to come back another time and maybe cast to junting sea bass – that could be great fun


Ballehage 22/6-2009

An evening pontoon boat trip with Michael. We wanted to try a new spot so we entered the water at the kayak club. The  weather was beautiful so there were many people and many kayaks. Most of the people had never seen a pontoon boat before so we received many big smiles and laughs. One of the kayak rowers was so curious that he kept turning his head while rowing until he tipped over into the water – then I was smiling and laughing.


I got three very small trouts and Michael got one sea trout above the minimum size so the new spot payed off, though next time we will try another spot nearby.

Stavrehoved 13/6-09

A night trip wade fishing on the eastern coast of Fyn with Thomas. This was my first visit to this spot and it was very nice. We saw many deers, hares, a fox and many porpoises, and the bottom is filled with big rocks – good for sea trout but bad for wading. We started at 23.00 and fished until 02.00. The we had a break an hour an continued until 8.00 with several breaks. We heard several fish splashing in the water but too far away the first hours and actually we also had two within casting range – you know 50 meter 😉


At 01.40 I got this small but well conditioned trout (43 cm – 975 gram). It really gave a terrific fight for its size. I think this was my first sea trout caught at night. I used a luminous pearl in front of the fly, I have done that before without any success so I will not jump to any conclusions from this.


The sunrise was beautiful but without any sleep in the night it can be difficult to appreciate it. Thomas litterally fell asleep in the midlle of a sentence – and he did it several times.

Gudenaaen – Åstedbro 7/6-09

A short trip to Gudenaaen hoping for some dry fly action.


From the start I could see that the sea gulls were having a ball eating mayflies, so I did not have to worry about the hatching.


Close up photo from the main character of the day. Like last time I was here there were mayflies but not much action at the surface. Though this time I actually spotted a few fish that occasionally feeded at the surface. I got two of the fish – both brown trouts, one around 25 cm and one at 34-35 cm. Both were released as I always do in the streams in Denmark as the fishing pressure is too big in relation to the number of fish in the streams.


Mariager Fjord 5/6-09

A very early morning trip with Henrik and three other pontoon boat fly fishers. Almost no wind and the fjord looked fantastic. When the light came you could sea a lot of algae and it did not look that fantastic anymore.


At first we did not see any fish but later they showed now and then around the algae sections where there were feeding. Henrik caught and released a trout around the minimum size but apart from that the trouts did not show much interest in our flies.


Very close to the shore Kent got a very nice trout at app. 5 pounds, so his day was made.


Bredningen Randers 4/6-09

A pontoon boat trip with Henrik fly fishing for pike. We started at high tide and soon we both had contact and got a pike. Then we had to wait a long time without any interest in our flies followed by a short period with activity and it continued like that most of the day. The weather also changed from no wind and sun to heavy rain to very heavy wind and hail – we tried everything. As usual Henrik got the biggest of the day – a pike in the 13 pounds range.



The largest pike of the day

Moesgaard 2/6-09

An evening trip with Michael  wade fishing at Moesgaard. It was quite crowded ( 8 fishermen) we managed to keep away from the most popular spot so it worked out fine. To my knowledge no one saw or had contact with anu sea trouts this evening so a bit disappointing.


But and a big but Michael got his first sea bass ever. This is not a common fish here so big gratulations. It was 42 cm and was caught on the classic Red Tag.

Lushage 30/5-09

On a overnight stay pontoon boat trip with Henrik, Lasse, Bjarne, Claus and Claus to Lushage. We started from a heavy crowded beach at Sletterhage in beautiful sunny weather. After a first leg against the current and the wind we could put our gear on the beach at Lushage. While we started the fire and had our dinner a big trout was seen jumping just were we intended to fish so expectations were high. Unfortunately that was what we did see to the trouts even if we fished late in the evening and very early in the morning.


There were an extreme amount of garfish hitting the fly but not many got hooked.


We also caught many cod but in baby size though this is positive as it has been years since I have seen these at the coast.


Finally I was the only one getting Lesser Weevers why I do not know, but I got 6 all together. Too small to eat and I had my plier so no problem to unhook them safely. So we were in contact with many fish and many species but not the ones we hoped for.