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  1. Hi lars, like your website. i live in Guernsey, Channel isles, where the ‘national sport’ here is fishing for seabass. Kayak fishing is taking off big time here, either trolling live bait, using poppers and lures, and also, for me, fly fishing. Am just about to order my first Kayak, when spotted various links to pontoon boats, one of which took me to this web site. UK distributors of pontoon boats do not recommend their use in the sea, but I note you use yours in the Baltic, a lot. How do you find them on open water? What is it like punching tide, current and wind (though I suppose not much tide or current in the Baltic- but big tides and big currents here!). Would be interested in your views

  2. Hi Rosbif,
    Here we use the pontoon boats in open water all the time and for flyfishing I will prefer a pontoon boat instead of a kayak any time . You sit higher and it is easy to turn the boat around and maybe most important, you can maneuver with the fins while you hold the rod and line. I talked to a danish fishing journalist (Sten Ulnits) who have owned both kayaks and pontoon boats for many years and he agreed. He actually found the kayaks useless for fly fishing unless you only used them for transportation.
    The advantage in kayaks is the higher speed and of course that may be of importance in your waters with the very big tide and heavy currents.
    I have been to Guernsey and Jersey one week on each island but only did some deep water fishing ( caught a 6 lbs. bream very big according to the locals 😉 ).
    I would love to come back for fly fishing for sea bass. This summer I intend to make some trips for sea bass in the North sea here in Denmark in pontoon boats with a friend with experience in that area.
    Do you ever fly fish wading for sea bass?


  3. hi, i am from brasil, i do not fish, i only would like to go to rest on the beach, but some people told me the mosquitos are terrible, impossible to rest on the beach.

    i want to go on the 30th of may until the 10th.

  4. Hello Lars! I need more baskets for my friends! There great!!! Please contact me!

  5. Where can I purchase a basket?

    Thank you,


  6. Hello Lars Matthiessen,

    my name is Sven Schröder and I´m from Germany.
    I like it to go fishing on the baltic sea and I´m searching a pontoon boat.

    During my search on the internet I found your homepage and saw the pictures from the fishes which you caught in the last years.
    I already saw that you are using a pontoon boat.

    I´ve got a questions to you.

    Can u use the Anderson Pontoon boats in salt water without any problems or other consequences (rust) ?

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