Alrø, 17/11 2013

Together with Peter and Carsten I took another shot at the rainbows in Horsens fjord.  It was a morning trip and compared to the last trip it was more succesfull. Not that I caught anything but this time I saw two fish being caught and I spooked several fish. When your starting point is really bad it does not take a lot to have a succes.

2013-11-17 10.06.11

I met Kim which I fished salmon with in Norway allmost 20 years ago and we had a good talk. Kim got this 50 cm fish that weighted app. 2 kg it was extremely deep and looked nice if you could hide the missing tail.

2013-11-17 12.01.02

Peter got this 40 cm fish that was very slim but still without a tail.

I have had no luck with the rainbows but I hope that I have saved one untill NeXT year where it will have a tail and fight fantastic.


Horsens Fjord, 10/11 – 2013

An afternoon trip to Horsens Fjord where the recent storm had liberated many fish from a fish farm. Rumours were that there were many fish but that they were not easy to catch as they are not used to eat food that moves. I met Henrik, Rene, Simon, Frank and Bo on the North side of the fjord and we all fished intensely for a couple of hours. We did not see any of the Rainbows but Rene and Bo each got a small searun Brown trout so we had to conclude that it was not this day that we  could rescue the Danish wildlife from this invasion and also fill up our freezers.


Henrik had prior to our arrival got this Rainbow trout. It was big app. 9 lbs. but as you can see allmost without a tail.