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My name is Lars Matthiessen and I am from Denmark. I have been an avid flyfisher for many years and I have been fishing in many countries (all of Scandinavia, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Slovenia, Austria, Gambia, Belize). In 2007 I designet and started production of Linekurv.dk (danish for stripping basket) as a hobby project. I have received extremely positive feedback on this project and to my big surprise a lot of interest from flyfishers outside Denmark. I only expected interest from Denmark as the saltwater flyfishing for seatrout is national (fishing)sport here and only here, but things are changing. I have started this blog to write about my experiences with stripping baskets in a more informal way and hopefully get some feedback from fellow flyfishers.

As my native language is danish you have to be tolerant regarding the language in this blog as it will be “danglish”. Some times it will be my limitations as a typewriter and some times it will be limitations in my language that will determine the writing.

september, 2008  Lars Matthiessen


8 Responses

  1. Hi Lars,

    Nice website. Will be interested in reading future reports. I am an Irish guy living in Denmark, and I usually fish Haderslev area. If you’re interested in trying good fishing abroad, try lough corrib in Ireland late May, early June…knæk og bræk

    David Francis

  2. Hi David,
    thanks for your comments. As you can see I have just started the blog but hopefully more will come. Actually I have been fishing in Lough Corrib once but it was 30 years ago, but I would love to go back with 30 years of more experience and preference for Guiness which I did not like then 😉

    You are living in a very nice area regarding sea trout fishing, I have a nice experience (5,6 kg) from Åbenrå fjord

    best regards

  3. Very nice blog …. I look forward to read future reports …
    I live in Sjælland (Stevns ) some of the best area for seatrout fishing ….. Come and visit my blog at http://www.fluefiskere.blogspot.com …..

    Best Regards
    aka Stenne

  4. Hi Lars,
    I like your blog. It’s great to see some pictures from other parts of the world and the beautiful waters of Scandinavia. Beautiful fish you have there! I’d love to try my hand at sea trout fishing sometime. I grew up in the western U.S. and have fly fished for trout since about 1963, but now find myself (very lucky indeed) to be near the shores of Cape Cod where I go after striped bass with big rods, shooting heads, and…your fabulous stripping basket. The best on the market. I look forward to visiting your blog on a regular basis.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I hope that some day I can try striper fishing around Cape Cod. I you ever come to Denmark do not hesitate to contact me and I will help you the best I can


  5. Hi Lars

    I have just recently found you blogg, and it is now firmly listed in my “favourites”. If you have the time could you please send me an email, as I have a few question regarding Los Roques.

    many thanks


  6. Hi Lars.
    I believe we meet at Los Roques some years ago, are you net the white man they called “el hombre blanco, con tres piernas” ????

    • Hi Justin,

      sorry about the late reply.
      If the meaning of the spanish sentence is what I think, I am sad to say that I do not think it was me they talked about 🙂
      I have met many persons in Los Roques, I can only recall one Justin and it was a guide connected with Loop at the time. Is it you? If I do not remember you by your name it may be due to the german professor you know Alzheimer


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