Frederica 25-26/8 2013

A weekend dry fly fishing for carp near Fredericia with Simon. We should fish in a big mill pond with many carps and as the carps were not that big we fished witn #4 equipment and dry flies. As I had never caught a carp on a fly I looked forward to this weekend and as the weather cooperated nothing could go wrong – I thought.

Simon was ready when I arrived and we started to fish immidiately as the carps were showing. According to Simon they are normally not that difficult to catch but after I had presented the fly to a LOT of carps without any reaction I realized that this was about being persistent and keep fishing until a carp grabbed the fly for unknown reasons – a bit like mullet fly fishing.

2013-08-23 18.56.42

Simon – later named the Carp King – hooked a fish the first evening


2013-08-23 18.58.02

and here it is – a nice 3 lb. carp


2013-08-23 18.58.27

Here presented by the King.

Simon got two carps the first evening while I was not even close despite I used some of Simons flies. The next day Simon got two more and once I had a carp that kissed the fly but that was as close as I got.


2013-08-25 10.29.36 (3)

Sunday morning Simen got another two carps and then I hooked this one. It was hooked between the eyes so it was not a proper take but I got a taste of what we were there for. I ended actually with one carp that took my dry fly but I broke the leader so I lost it due to my own fault and that is not easy to swallow.

We had a very nice but also frustrating weekend and I hope to come back another time but I also hope that the carps will be a bit easier next time.




Udbyhøj 16/8 2013

An evening trip with som of the Bombay Guys Torben, Henrik and Rasmus in the pontoon boats from Udbyhøj. It was quite windy and the current was also heavy so it took a lot of works just to hold a position. The other Guys all had outboard engines so I got a lift back to the starting point against the current and the wind and I was grateful for that. We did see fish but it was not my day. Rasmus got a nice trout in summer condition and he and Henrik also got some garfish and small trouts.

2013-08-16 22.00.25