Stevns 28/3-09

A trip to Sjælland with a bunch of friend from the local club to visit an former member Lars Schriver. The main purpose was to socialize and to catch some of the big sea trouts around Stevns. Friday evening was mostly about storytelling and tasting beer and whiskey. Saturday we fished in the morning and in the late afternoon/early evening. The morning session was without any luck and we naturally blamed it on the weather as the wind was south-east which is not good according to our local guides (Lars and Peter). In the evening we tried a better spot and actually got 3 sea trouts, all above the minimum size but not big fish. I will not make any complaints as I was lucky to catch two of the trouts (app. 42 & 45 cm). I fished with a propel but I need more statistics to conclude that this was the reason for my “succes”


Gudenåen 14/3-09

Drifting with the fly in pontoon boats from Kongensbro to Tange Sø with Henrik og Thomas. This is allways a great trip where you cover a lot of water and see many birds of different species. I started the day with a flash fly mounted with a propel (made by Morten Bundgaard) in front. Before the lunch break I got one small pike with this setup.


After lunch I changed to a heavier fly and changed the propel to a disc also made by Morten. With this setup I could fish a bit deeper even with my floating line. At a time we met two fellow fly fishers in a boat, and they really had found the right spot. They had been around the lake without any luck and was about the change to spinning gear when they started to hook pikes on the fly. And they seemed to be able to keep on hooking pikes in this spot. As one of the fishermen never had caught a pike on fly before, it was nice to see this new pike fly fisher being born.


In the end we – in the pontoonboats – caught 13 pikes, which is quite good but we did not connect with any of the bigger fish so we have do it over another time.  As usual Henrik got the majority and the biggest ( app. 9 lbs.) but as I got five, I will not complain.