Fuglsø 14/11-08

Despite a weather forecast that predicted heavy wind and lots of rain Michael and I spend 3 hours fly fishing at Fuglsø for sea trout. The weather behaved much better than predicted so we had very pleasant trip but a bit slow on the action. We saw a few – that means two – smaller trout jumping and we each caught one fish, but everything were below the required size and were released again. But this time of the year you have to expect short trips due to the coldness and the darkness and few fish – but out there are some fantastic fish that haven´t gone to the streams to spawn and they are the ones we hope for. Maybe next time.


Gudenaa 1/11-08

We started this very cold morning from Stevnstrup and intended to drift to Randers fly fishing for pike from pontoon boats. I had a very bad start as it turned out that my pontoon boat had been dragged on the road all the way to Stevnstrup, so naturally both pontoons were leaking. Lasse had shoulder problems, and that saved me as I borrowed his boat for the day. The morning was beautiful but very cold as you can see on the photo.

The pikes were not on the best mood and by lunch I was the only one to get a pike to grab the fly. After lunch things improved but not much, first a small pike was caught and then as Peter and I had to return Henrik (as usual) got a good pike – a very compact 15 pounder