Mariager Fjord, 13/9-2014


Bombayfly arranged the first big and open fly only fishing contest in Denmark in Mariager Fjord.

Mariager Fjord is normally fantastic for such an event as it is a long and narrow fjord here you no matter how the Wind is always can find places to fly fish. Unfortunately this year the summer has been very hot and long and as the fjord is long and narrow the water is quite stationary and it is exposed to lack of oxygen and too many algeas.

The last week before the contest reports told that the fishing had been good even in the inner part of the fjord so our hopes were high for the day.

As part of the arranging commitee I only fished in the morning but without any luck. I did see fish jump but got nothing.

2014-09-13 16.53.10

Here a view from the weight in. More than 100 fly Fishers participated and everyone I talked to liked the arrangement so I am sure that we will have another go next year.


2014-09-13 16.53.30As we had a minimum size for the contest on 45 cm some fish were rejected – they were nice fish but just a bit too small for this contest. Here is presented the 6 trouts that made it to the prices. Up to 1,6 kg. Fish number 2, 3 and 4 all weighted exactly the same 1,28 kg – we did not see that come.



Here all winners presenting their fish and their prices.


Udbyhøj, 6/9 – 2014

Started out early with Henrik and then Lars, Mong and Jan joined us later in the pontoon boats. The Water wis rising when we started but soon it fell and then the current was outgoing the rest of the trip. In the morning I saw quite a lot of small trouts jump end also som mackerels hunting in schools but I felt nothing. I also saw a young seal at very close range and some porpoises hunting probably mackerel. Henrik saw an otter this morning so a lot of activity except on the fly. Once I saw a nice 4-5 Pound trout jump out of the Water but with this strong current it was difficult to go for it.

2014-09-06 09.51.38

I caught 3 small trouts and lost an Ok sized on at the frame of the landing net. Henrik had more or less the same amount of luck but many good moments this morning.