Udbyhøj, 19/4-2010

After Henrik´s fantastic fish the other day I hadto give the spot another try, so I spent one more afternoon in the pontoon boat. It was quite chilly and windy but the sun warmed in some periods.

I had a strike in the first cast just outside the harbour but I lost the fish just as quickly. This time of the year you may hit schools of sea-trout but not today. The fish I got today were all caught at different spots with a at least 30 minutes in between.

I caught 4 small fish – nice looking but too small.

At the end of the trip I got this blank kelp at 70 cm, too slim so it was naturally released.


Udbyhøj, 16/4-2010

A short but memorable afternoon trip from Udbyhøj in pontoon boats. From Aarhus I called Henrik to hear if he would join me but when I called him he was just about to put his boat into the water. Therefore I went to Udbyhøj to fish with him. When I was ready I called to hear which way he went and he told that he already had caught two big kelps. 10 minutes after I started fishing I got a very nice looking trout but unfortunately it was just below the minimum size. Later Henrik rowed towards me and I wondered because normally Henrik will fish while moving towards you. The reason was that he wanted a photo of a fish he caught just after our phone call – and what a fish. When Henrik rowed back to the harbour I got a nice 56 cm sea-trout and later I lost a 50 cm just when I should net it, but you will not see any photo of my fish because today there was only one fish worth showing.

 congratulations to Henrik, 80 cm and 6 kg, what a beauty!

Österlen Sweden, april 2010

Four days fishing sea trout in salt water with the Bombay guys. Søren and I arrived one day ahead of the rest and started wade fishing at Hammar bakker in the morning. We did not see or feel anything untill on our walk back where we saw a nice trout jump 15 meters away. We casted many times but without any luck. In the afternoon we fished from pontoon boats at Skillinge and on our way out one spinning fisher landed two trouts on one of the reefs. Later he and his friends moved away from the reef so we gave it a shot and I got a nice hook up. immediately I was aware that this was quite a big fish but also that it was a kelp.

It turned out to be a 80 cm kelp.

Here another big fish from the next day. The kelps are very common this time of the season and they can be more or less blank. This year with a long and cold winter the trouts were more coloured than normal.

Next day Søren and I fished with 2 x Michael and we fished at Stenshuved. Stenshuved is a nice spot but very hard to wade as there are big rocks everywhere and they seems to be soaked in green soap. We had a blast fishing here with the pontoon boats and I caught two kelps (75 cm and 60 cm) and Michael got one as well. Naturally all kelps are released.

The third day we started at Baskemölla. Here we had wonderful weather and after one hour I spotted some fish at the surface between Michael and my self. Later Søren joined us and Søren got two while I got four trout, two of them where nice blank fish a bit more than 50 cm and the orther two were kelps at 60 and 80 cm.

The fourth day we went west of Ystad and tried different spots. I soon was hooked up twice which Søren spotted and then he joined me and we had a very good time as we got a lot of action in a few hours. Once we had a double hook up and that is not something we are used to. After  some time I said to Søren that it would be nice with a blank trout as everything had been kelps, and in the next cast I got a nice blank 55 cm trout – talk about luck.

55 cm sea trout – sashimi material.

Søren with a typical kelp.

Michael fishing on the edge. There are actually two white poles indicating the limits of allowed fishing. Michael is on the legal side.

After our lunch break with hot sausages from the Jet boiler Michael tried the hot spot where Søren and I had fished and he got four trouts and combined with Søren and my self that had caught nine each we were very satisfied.

The fifth day looked like this from our car so we decided to head for Denmark one day earlier than planned.

The last lunch started with a plate of sashimi which is always a pleasure. When we summed up the trip  most were quite content. I was very pleased as I got fish everyday and I got 16 in total with 3 nice blanks and as all 12 persons only got 4 blanks I was very lucky.