Gudenaaen 21/12-08

A pontoon trip on Gudenaaen just before christmas sounds and is cold even when the weather is warmer than normal. We started at Fladbro and drifted all the way to the center of Randers. A pike trip with five locals is very promising, but I must admit I did not get anything and even the locals had their problems. After lunch which included jetboiled chocolate milk and birthday buns (it was Henriks birthday) some pikes hit the flies, but only a few. The water was very murky and there was too strong a current, so conditions were not good.


Thomas caught a fish in the 7 -8 pound range with a flash fly with a new kind of disc mounted. We will probably hear more about this later

Ivar got the best fish of the day – a 14-15 pounder (he is a big man)