My stripping basket –


✔ Best in test | Most Innovative, Durable and Light Weight Stripping Basket – Cones and Rod Holder. 2 years warranty. App. 58 USD shipping included!

✔ This innovative stripping basket comes with adjustable belt for xs to xxxl.

✔ The discrete green colour don’t scare the fish due to low reflection material.

✔ The stripping basket have been tested for it’s durability til well below freezing point.

✔ The build-in handle facilitates the use of the basket as a wading stick.

✔ No protruding edges

✔ Price approximately 58 USD – world wide shipping included


Welcome to my blog where you can read about my fishing and about my stripping basket.

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2 Responses

  1. Good morning! I am a kind of fly fishing nuts in Japan
    First of all, sorry I am not a user of your stripping basket,
    as I use my handmade basket, but some of my friend really
    love yours in Japan.

    I have tried to send you email via contact but it refuse my email.
    The reason I write this comment is, I am going to Hirtshals in
    early October and wondering if I should stay a night and any place
    or fish worth to try near Hirtshals or Skagen. I love both salt water
    or freshwater fishing, seabass, seatrout, perch, pike etc, etc. If you
    would not mind please kindly let me know some fishing guidance about north Jutland. Any kind of info is appreciated.


    • If you go to the webite you should be able to send me a mail using the contact function. This year I have been told that the sea bass fishing at Hirtshals and Skagen has not been as good as normally but there are some nice reef west of the city which can be fished wading. Early October may be a bit late for sea bass but if you are there you should give it a go. I have seen some really good sized trout jump at Hirtshals but I am told that they are hard to get. A friend of mine Kasper lives in this part of the country and I will ask him if he can help you. I will give him your mail adress and he may contact you.

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